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Re: Old School Headcount

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I'm Chu aka rootingformephistopheles (do you have to keep anonymous on the off-topic board? Ehhhh idc if people know who I am) aka the person who posted the bio-dad Graves prompt that sparked this discussion, and I've been reading the books as they came out since like second grade lmao. I remember strikethrough and the shipping wars and the snape wives and all of the drama of the early 00s fandom days and am frankly Very Tired that fantastic beasts appears to be starting some of it up again with the gravebone antis. D: #goodtimes

I'm slytherin ride or die, and having pottermore confirm this did feel rather validating. Pottermore did get my patronus wrong tho, because it's DEFINITELY a niffler and not whatever bs cat they said it was. Naw that lil sparkly asshole. That's me in my soul ok.

Re: Old School Headcount

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Hey! I'm Alli aka spunknbite - person who responded to your post that it reminded me of

The anti Gravebones wank does suck, but I must say that it's so nice to have new Wizarding World content and an upswing in the community. When the original HP fandom tapered off, I was never quite able to love another fandom in quite the same way. Feels a bit like coming home, fandom drama and all.

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haaaaaa I guess I'm just a salty old man lol (I am only one month older than Ezra but no I am /Ancient/)

but yeah like first Cursed Child (which I actually really liked and everyone else can fight me) and now this it's like I am LIVING again

I think one of the great things about this fandom is while it may experience lulls it never REALLY dies, like I follow plenty of blogs who post a bunch of HP content regularly, and they did so before CC and Fantastic Beasts were a thing yet. Plus due to the sheer SIZE of this fandom you're basically never going to run out of fics to read and art to admire so even if you're going back and reading something written in 2006 it can still feel fresh and exciting, yeah? HP is always the fandom I keep coming back to, where other shows and movies might have everyone move on after a while, things like knowing what house you're in is so like, intrinsic to who we are as a generation? It's pretty amazing.

And for all that Jo is a Problematic Fave(tm) good on her for not pulling an Anne Rice and letting us all run wild with her world so we have this great community to share in and enjoy <3

(now if we can just bring back the concepts of 'don't like don't read' and 'your kink is not my kink and that's ok' it'd be perfect. *sigh*)

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Alli again

If you are one month older than Ezra and /Ancient/ then I am positively /Pre-historic/ :P

I sorta fell out of the fandom with the great LJ purge, hung onto a few blogs and have picked up a few newer ones since but I never really made the full transition to Tumblr. The Tumblr ship and kink police have always irked me; I'm a dumpster dweller of the Hydra Trash Meme (not sure if you ever played in the Marvel waters; feels like a lot of us HP nerds ended up there), so me and Tumblr have a complicated relationship. I do get so nostalgic though every time I go on an HP fic binge - I'll find one that I loved the hell out of in high school and feel like such an old lady.
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Re: Old School Headcount

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Heyyyyy spunknbite, just really want to say that I dig your works and I hope you will write loads more.

*finger guns*

*awkwardly slinks away*

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"e starting some of it up again with the gravebone antis."
you mean there's more than the one miscommunication?

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Not really sure what you're talking about. /I'm/ talking about the vocal contingent of folks who think that shipping gravebone is a moral sin akin to murdering puppies or punching babies and that if you ship it you're an irredeemable monster who is probably an abuser and a paedophile.

And then the OTHER contingent who claims that everyone in the fandom who ships gravebone ONLY ships the 'real' Percy with Credence and that this is somehow the only good and pure ship and basically throwing those of us who also ship him with trash king Grindelwald under the bus

Those are the people I need to find their respective chills. Because I am Old and Tired and just wanna read my filth in peace D:

Re: Old School Headcount

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Ah. I hadn't seen that on this meme so I figured your comment had something to do with the minor oops that started the thread which lead to this hello-thread being created.

Most people on Earth need to find their chills. I hope you get your peace.