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Re: Old School Headcount

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Not really sure what you're talking about. /I'm/ talking about the vocal contingent of folks who think that shipping gravebone is a moral sin akin to murdering puppies or punching babies and that if you ship it you're an irredeemable monster who is probably an abuser and a paedophile.

And then the OTHER contingent who claims that everyone in the fandom who ships gravebone ONLY ships the 'real' Percy with Credence and that this is somehow the only good and pure ship and basically throwing those of us who also ship him with trash king Grindelwald under the bus

Those are the people I need to find their respective chills. Because I am Old and Tired and just wanna read my filth in peace D:

Re: Old School Headcount

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Ah. I hadn't seen that on this meme so I figured your comment had something to do with the minor oops that started the thread which lead to this hello-thread being created.

Most people on Earth need to find their chills. I hope you get your peace.