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Re: Old School Headcount

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Alli again

If you are one month older than Ezra and /Ancient/ then I am positively /Pre-historic/ :P

I sorta fell out of the fandom with the great LJ purge, hung onto a few blogs and have picked up a few newer ones since but I never really made the full transition to Tumblr. The Tumblr ship and kink police have always irked me; I'm a dumpster dweller of the Hydra Trash Meme (not sure if you ever played in the Marvel waters; feels like a lot of us HP nerds ended up there), so me and Tumblr have a complicated relationship. I do get so nostalgic though every time I go on an HP fic binge - I'll find one that I loved the hell out of in high school and feel like such an old lady.