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Re: Old School Headcount

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It was like a very subdued *foot in mouth* "could you not" "oh sorry that is not what i meant" "it's okay". Which, frankly, is kind of amazing compared to what counts as incidents in other kinkmemes.

But are they dark waters of doom? Or is it just the youngbloods stirring up mud from the bottom of the otherwise clear lake? A year or so ago I would have said fandom without high drama was impossible. Now I'm not so sure.
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Re: Old School Headcount

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Ahhh... That's very civilised and hearing that makes me very happy to hear.

Fandom without high drama is possible. As long as everyone remembers that, again, Your Kink Is Not My Kink And That's Okay and that peace in fandom is only possible if we think three times about starting shit. Like, I used to write for the Warcraft movie fandom but I peaced out and took all my fics with me because some of the youngbloods kinkshamed me on the obviously nsfw chat (though in defence of them, they didn't mean it in the way of "ewww" more of like "that's a bit weird why would you even like it" and they have apologised to me personally, but the damage was done). I mean, I suppose that is what happens when you don't have kink memes? When all you have is a chatroom to prompt things and stuff, these types of things happen? IDK. Point is, after that incident I had a renewed appreciation for kink memes.

Re: Old School Headcount

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NA who loves existing on kinkmemes. Honestly, when a fandom's kinkmeme dies out or when I have reasons to stop using it, I start to drift out of the fandom. It's not even the anonymity necessarily, it's the community and the fact that I enjoy filling prompts and gifting people, but without the pressure and commitment of exchanges. (and I also like to basically write about my own kinks but be able to blame someone else for the idea :p)