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Re: Old School Headcount

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I mainly lurked in the early 2000s, but did post a couple of rather maudlin fics on FFN back in the day. (They've long since been deleted.)

I always thought I was a Ravenclaw, but got sorted into Slytherin in the early days of Pottermore. It gave me something of an identity crisis at the time. I still don't know which fits me best. When I was an actual eleven-year-old, though, I definitely would have begged to be put in Ravenclaw.

Re: Old School Headcount

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Well if it helps your old identitfy crisis at all, I just ran an experiment (for my own curiosity). I opened two new Pottermore accounts - with different email addressed, of course - and answered the sorting hat questions exactly the same way in both. I got two different answers. Yet I'd punched in the answers identically.

So to you and everyone else whose been on these threads going "Pottermore says I'm not what I thought I was!": go with what you thought you were, not with what Pottermore says.

Re: Old School Headcount

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Corpium. Old School. Slytherin (primary and Ravenclaw secondary if you go by the sortinghatchats system)

I don't remember my dreamwidth account and am too lazy to make a new one, but I just thought I'd let you know that I really went full out with the pottermore sorting testing. I did it six times back in beta and got slytherin 3 times, ravenclaw twice, and gryffindor once. It's really not that reliable, so I wouldn't sweat the results. has some /excellent/ meta if you wanna check it out.