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Re: Questions About Canon

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Speaking of Nifflers, do we have any more information about their behavior than the blurb that's written in the original FBAWTFT book? Also, I've only seen the film once and can't remember, does the Niffler make noises? There's a prompt I'd really like to fill but I'd want to know more about their habits and disposition if I can. Alternately, are there any domesticated magical creatures that do cute things?

Re: Questions About Canon

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I think it made noise? *Shrugs* If it helps any it looks like a cross between a playtpus and an echidna to me, so you could probably borrow a bit off them...

Puffskiens. I think. If licking the inside of noses is cute. Pygmy Puffs were invented by the Weasley Twins, though, I think.

Re: Questions About Canon

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Way lttp here, but in case anyone wants this for future reference: in the film the Niffler makes a lot of huffing and snuffling and chittering noises, also a few grunt-like sounds, but never anything properly voiced.