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Once you've worked on a fill, please post it here so that other people can find your work.

Put the title and pairing in the subject line (if applicable); indicate "WIP" too if it's a work in progress.
Don't forget to include the link to the fill or parts in the comment

Fill: Distracted [original!Graves/Tina – Shirtless]

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Fill: Wishes and Gifts (Newt takes care of a baby) Death, violence, underage non-con

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Prompt and fill:

Okay so this got out of hand. Way out of hand. This was supposed to be about Newt caring for a baby, but became how Newt aquired a baby. This is not at all the sort of cute, fluffy story that I suspect the OP wanted. Sorry. ~T

The Purloined Pouch (Niffler's Greatest Heists) COMPLETE

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Prompt and All Six Parts:

Suggested listening: Sinnerman from the Thomas Crowne Affair soundtrack.

Also, I named the Niffler "Raffles" after "Raffles the Gentleman Thief". Go look him up.

FILL: Credence/Graves, intoxication

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Fill: Graves/Grindelwald, Others- His, angst, abuse, dark fluff

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Graves is undercover in Gnarlack's bar when the polyjuice potion or transfiguration charm he's using either wears off or gets removed. The patrons (mostly people he put away at one time or other) start to beat the crap out of him and doing everything they can think of to cause him pain.
Grindelwald happens to be there and steps in to stop them, saying that he has a prior claim on Percival Graves. He takes Graves home and cleans him up. Graves is terrified and doesn't want anything from his former captor. But everything hurts, he has more than one broken bone, and he can't even stand-up on his own. He's forced to accept Grindelwald's help in doing everything (first aid, showering, undressing).
Grindelwald for his part is fairly gentle, knowing his pet can't take further physical torture, but fully expects Graves to beg for what he needs help with thank him.

Basically, I need a dark twisted relationship with Grindelwald being very possessive of his former victim, but also having a sinister gentleness that messes with Graves's head.


Mini Fill: Four, Three, Two, One, Zero (completion of "Number Five")

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Fill and Fill's completion:

Partial Fill: Number four (It's Me or the Cat)

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(fill for same prompt as above)
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Joke Fill: Real Graves/Newt

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Newt/Jacob, bamf!Jacob saves Newt FILL

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Prompt: Instead of them meeting by bumping into each other at the bank, Jacob ends up witnessing someone trying to rape Newt and saves him, bringing him home to his apartment to comfort him. Newt thanks his savior profusely in any manner you may choose.



Fill: Triumvirate (Grindelwald/Newt/Graves - ABO)

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original prompt:



Credence/Original Graves - non-sexual ageplay

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Re: Credence/Original Graves - non-sexual ageplay

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Oof! That last line gets ye right in the feels. Whooie! Love it c:

Prompt Fill: "Graves/Newt, Newt joins MACUSA and is given a hard time"

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Fill for this prompt:

"Graves/Newt, Newt joins MACUSA and is given a hard time

What it says on the tin! Newt joins MACUSA as a consultant, but here's the thing -- he made all other aurors look like idiots when he caught Grindelwald. They decide to get revenge on him, treating him progressively worse (pranks, insults, etc.). Eventually they go too far and try to rape him, when the real Graves comes to his rescue."



On Dreamwidth:

On AO3:

mini-fill - Newt/Pickett - Playing Favourites (explicit)

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FILL: Newt/Percival/Credence: Percival joins Newt and Credence's marriage, Percival feels...

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Newt and Credence are happily married, but a law is passed where they have to take on a third spouse. Enter Percival Graves, who was perfectly content to remain a bachelor despite the terrible loneliness. Both Newt and Credence think Percival is absolutely gorgeous, but they vow to make sure they keep their relationship with each other in tact. The marriage happens and true to their word, Newt and Credence are as loving with each other as they have always been. They just might have been a little too successful, as Percival feels like a complete outsider. He wants to get to know his husbands, he wants to meet Newt's creatures and show Credence some of what he personally knows about the wizarding world, but neither has any time for him. It starts to grate on Percival, being more or less ignored by the two men he's meant to spend the rest of his life with, to where he developes serious depression. He gets reckless at his job, taking dangerous risks, and may even start to harm himself in secret. It culminates in a suicide attempt and Tina and Queenie going full blown momma bears of Newt and Credence for not seeing what a gem they got for a husband in Percival. Make a very guilty Credence and Newt have to work to gain the privilege of being Percival's husbands, with an irate Tina and Queenie breathing down their necks. Maybe even have the creatures being angry at the pair of them to boot while showering Percival with affection when they finally get to meet him.


you're the only one who knows that i'm still breathing
or: you carry my heart(you carry it in your heart)

FILL: Newt/Percival/Credence: Percival joins Newt and Credence's marriage, Percival feels...

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Now posted on AO3 here:

hurt!Newt/auror!Tina, whump & rescue

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Link to the prompt:

Link to the fill:
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Darker!Newt - TW potential murder/violence

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Prompt: Taking inspiration from the Darker!Newt prompts: Newt likes individual people just fine, but he doesn't think much of humanity as a whole. So if some of the poachers he's had to deal with...disappeared...well, they chose a dangerous line of work, and Newt's beasts need to eat.

Fill @ AO3: When The Fires Take Over;
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Fill: Credence X Graves, rimming, riding

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Prompt + Fill: Powerbottom!Graves makes a blushing Credence ride his face, and then he rides Credence.

+1000000000 if Credence is hung (but has no idea of the gift he's been given. there was a prompt like this while back and UNF.)

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Fill: Credence, Grindelwald - Suitable Attire

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Prompt + Fill: Grindelwald takes Credence shopping for clothes. Because you can't take over the world in a raggedy, old suit.


FILL: Newt VS Vengeful Wizards. Not "the easy target" (Gen)

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Credence/Graves, noncon

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Someone sexually harasses Credence on his way to meet Graves, and Graves finds out about it and blames Credence for it. He fucks him right there to show him that he belongs to Graves, but then feels bad about it later and does everything in his power to take it out on the man who did this to Credence in the first place.

Re: Credence/Graves, noncon

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A/B/O – omega!Newt/alpha!Graves FILL (WIP)

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Re: A/B/O – omega!Newt/alpha!Graves FILL (WIP)

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WIP Fill: Spice and Smoke (Newt's a Smuggler and other prompts)

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Main Prompt:

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Fill: Graves/Newt, Newt is a housewife TW: Mpreg

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Prompt + Fill: Graves loves coming home from a long day at work to Newt taking care of their kids and the house. He also loves to fuck Newt and make more kids.



Fill - Credence/Real!Graves +mpreg [Sin]

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Request and fill: