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Once you've worked on a fill, please post it here so that other people can find your work.

Put the title and pairing in the subject line (if applicable); indicate "WIP" too if it's a work in progress.
Don't forget to include the link to the fill or parts in the comment

Credence/Newt/Percival - Percival feeling left out and insecure COMPLETE

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2nd Fill:

Someday I will get the hang of posting here.

Tina/Graves, pre-film, low-cut dress

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PROMPT: "The story should take place a few years before the events of the movie when Graves (the original, Grindelwald is still somewhere in Europe thank you very much!) isn’t Director of Magical Security yet and still works as an Auror for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Tina, who is a few year younger than Graves, is his trainee Auror.

During a case that involves some undercover work, they end up in a bar together. Tina magically changes her dress (to the same/a similar low-cut dress than the one she wears at Gnarlak’s bar in the movie) to blend in with the crowd. This puts Graves in a rather difficult situation, because all of a sudden he is very aware of just how much skin his trainee is showing and it has a rather alarming effect on him. All he wants to do is drag her outside into the dark alley, rip that dress off of her and fuck her senseless.

Graves tries his best to resist these urges, because not only is Tina his trainee, but also young and inexperienced; not to mention that they are actually working a case. It’s up to Anon whether Graves gives in to temptation or not, but please make him fight it for a while.

Bonus points if Tina actually has more experience than Graves assumes and has chosen that dress specifically to make Graves realized that she is a desirable young woman."


Untitled Percival/Tina - H/C with Graves interrogated under Veritaserum

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Here's one of these: (

WIP Update, Fill: Spice and Smoke (Newt's a Smuggler and other prompts)

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Part Two:

joke fill: 1776 AU oh god i'm so sorry orz

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Fill: Real!Graves/Newt, Do you love me?

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Prompt + Fill: So Newt and Percival have been in an arranged marriage for several years now and they like each other well enough but neither believed love to be a within the realm of possibility for their relationship.

One day Pecival sees something while he's at work that puts the idea in his head and he just can't get it out. Can't stop hoping that maybe love can be a part of his marriage.

Percival starts asking Newt if Newt oves him. Newt just thinks he's being weird and without really answering the question keeps blowing him off.

Only.... Now Newt is thinking about it and, well, if Percival is asking there has to be a reason... Right?

Tl:DR: I watched fiddler on the roof again and now I want Arranged Marriage!Percy and Newt slowly realizing they're in love with each other after years of thinking it all a marriage of convenience.


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Mini-Fill: Newt/Percival/Credence: Unloved feeling Percival pregnant by both Newt and Credence

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Prompt + Fill: Long story short, Percival is married to Newt and Credence but they don't get along mainly because Newt and Credence have these preconceived notions about Percival, like he's cold and stoic and doesn't like magical creatures. In actuality Percival is deeply and truly in love with both of them but has a hard time expressing it. Part of the magic that bonds them in marriage requires that they have sex regularly to keep the balance. It is the worst feeling in the world for Percival to know that his husbands would much prefer to not have him in the equation. Usually he's the top, but during one particular time, Percival surprises both Newt and Credence by being the bottom. They are together this way, but it does little to improve their relationship.

A few weeks later, Percival starts to feel funny and gets sick in the mornings. He hides this from his husbands and gets checked out by his doctor. He is shocked when he learns that he's pregnant with not one but two babies, fraternal twins. Percival gets excited, thinking maybe this will help his husbands see how much he loves them. He comes home after work to share the joyous news but instead he overhears Newt and Credence discussing the future, how they'll use a surrogate to have kids. They even start to joke that any child of Percival's would probably be born just as cold and brooding. This finally breaks Percival's heart but in true fashion he remains stoic and acts normal. Percival goes on, tries to avoid Tina and especially Queenie, and his only source of joy are the babies he's carrying. He casts a spell to hide his growing bump.

What Newt and Credence don't know is that Percival often goes and visits the many creatures in the suitcase whenever Newt and Credence aren't there and he's endeared himself to them, most surprisingly to the majestic Nundu. It's during one of these secret visits that Percival gets caught by Newt and Credence. Newt being protective of his creatures accuses Percival of ill-intent, but is stunned when the Nundu and many other creatures come and protectively guard Percival. Newt being Newt realizes that many of these creatures act this way when protecting a member of their family who is pregnant. The cat comes out of the bag so to speak, leaving Newt and Credence stunned, but the astonishment quickly turns into crushing guilt and shame when Percival finally unleashes his full fury on his husbands. If that isn't bad enough for the pair, Tina and Queenie find out and they want blood. Now Newt and Credence have to earn Percival's trust and the privilege of being his husband, and fathers to their twins. Lord help them.


Jacob/Newt - Jacob thinks he isn't gay; Newt offers to change into a lady fill

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Fill: Graves/Grindelwald- Bribe, angst, hc, dub/noncon

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Silver Lining - WIP fill for Original!Graves/Newt, Creature!Graves finds a fanboy

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Original prompt: (Going off the assumption that Grindelwald kept Graves around like Crouch did Moody in GoF)

At some point Grindelwald has Graves bitten and turned into a werewolf/vampire/other as with the stigma on beasts in the USA (see Tina automatically assume Newt is writing an extermination guide when he mentions writing a book on creatures) Graves knows that even if he manages to escape the life he knew is over. Movie happens, Grindelwald gets caught and they find the real Graves but, sure enough, if he isn't getting judged for Grindelwald's actions while using his form it's for the fact he is now classified by MACUSA as a dangerous beast.

Given everything that's happened Graves thinks he has the right to be a bit depressed but it's a little hard to mope when whenever he gets in the same room as one Newt Scamander the other man basically turns into the biggest fangirl ever over him (and it happens often as they're being questioned about related events...and Seraphina Picquery + Tina might just be the matchmakers from hell)

Bonus for Graves having obvious (possibly facial) scars from the turning.

TL;DR: Newt is a major fanboy for all magical creatures and Graves can now technically be counted as such.

Prompt link:

WIP Fill:

WIP fill: Newt/Queenie/Jacob, cross-dressing

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Fill part 1:
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Mini-Fill: Graves/Newt, teachers at hogwarts

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Prompt + Fill: Three years after the Grindelwald incident, Graves ends up teaching Defense Against Dark Arts at Hogwarts. To his surprise, best-selling author Newt Scamander is now a professor there as well, teaching Care of Magical Creatures. Hilarity ensues.

Do they end up making out in the Astronomy Tower or having sex in the Room of Requirement? Is there awkward UST every time they have breakfast in the great hall? Do they interrupt each other's classes for the lulz?

[I did not fill it exactly as the OP wanted, but I hope this is enjoyable all the same]


Graves/Newt - Rimming

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mini-Fill: Real Graves/Newt Teacher+Student

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Prompt + Fill: After being expelled from Hogwarts, Newt's folks set him up with home school teacher, Percival Graves.

I don't think I need to explain, we all know what happens.

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Hugs gen-ish

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Fill: Tina/Leta + Newt, confront the ex, taking notes IS vouyerism

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Request and Fill:


Fill: Genophobic Newt

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Title: Not a Sexual Creature

Original prompt



WIP fill: Newt/Queenie/Jacob, cross-dressing

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part 2 of fill:
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Mini-Fill: Newt/Graves - Non-Magic Family AU

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Prompt + Fill: Imagine social worker/policeman Graves rescuing young/toddler Credence from an abusive home and ended up adopting him instead. (Or alternatively, he's still a high ranking government official like canon, but still adopted Credence anyway).

The life of a single dad isn't easy especially with a child recovering from trauma, but he manages.

Newt owns a petting zoo in the area and he's usually around whenever he's not out traipsing in conservation measures somewhere in the world. Graves still couldn't wrap it around his head that Newt is the world's most famous zoologist (with his own TV show and all that) when he sees him at the zoo.

But the thing is when Graves took Credence to the petting zoo, that was the first time he saw Credence smile after he rescued him. So he made it a habit of visiting the petting zoo at least once a week. After he got to know Newt (and kinda crushing hard although he'll never admit it) he let Credence help around the zoo after school until Graves can pick him up after work.

Bonus if Newt's petting zoo is filled not with the typical petting zoo pets. They also have snakes and lizards and spiders which scared away some kids, but Credence likes just as much if not more.

Graves/GrindelGraves(/Credence) - masturbation, dirty talk

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Fill: Credence's mother is a boggart, WIP

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Original Prompt:

Fill here:
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Fill: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries crossover, Jack Robinson/Phryne Fisher, implied past N/P

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Prompt + Fill: On a trip to New York, Phryne gets embroiled in a magical investigation.

There are a lot of ways this could go -- is she a witch? A squib from an old wizarding family? A no-maj/muggle who knows what's up through her powers of deduction? Maybe she knows Newt or Jacob from her time in Europe during WWI. I feel like she'd get along really well with both of the Goldstein sisters, too, though she might initially be at odds with Tina re: investigative methods.

Alternately (or additionally), maybe Dot unknowingly foils an evil plot by helping Credence & Modesty get away from Mary Lou through non-magical means.


Fill: Graves Disguised as a Hot Bad Boy (Some Tina/Graves)

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Request and Fill:

Graves/Newt - dick riding FILL

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WIP Update, Fill: Spice and Smoke (Newt's a Smuggler and other prompts)

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Chapter Three: