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Please don't post prompts here. This is for off-topic discussion only.
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Re: Kink meme question?

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That's something I am wondering too. I think I have about two fics that I posted there under my own account which were then made anonymous. I tried contacting the person managing the collection about possibly having them removed if they could not be attributed to me, but there has been no reply.

When my works were collected for The Force Awakens kink meme on AO3, I was allowed to keep them under my name. So, I reckon that it is possible to keep it under an AO3 collection in your own name. I'm just very puzzled as to why this kink meme has forcibly made works anonymous...

Re: Kink meme question?

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Cool, thanks, glad it's not just me! As I said, I've never posted anything in a kink meme/kink meme collection before but I remembered after posting this I'd had a prompt filled for the TFA kink meme and the author posted it on AO3 with their own name!

Hopefully you get a response.

It's definitely puzzling. I suppose, as it was an idea I'd already had, I'll just post it on AO3 (if I ever write it haha) and not in the collection?

Thanks for the reply :)