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Prompt Post #2


Seeing as we've reached 4,000 comments in Round 1, it's time to make a new one. Same (lack of) rules apply. Gentle reminder to everyone to refrain from posting extremely long prompts, though. While no word limit will be imposed, take note that it is very unlikely for someone to fulfill your prompt if your prompt alone is already several paragraphs long and containing a number of specifications.

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GrindelGraves/Picquery - Grindelwald is gay and doesn't know what to do, femdom, possible non-con

(Anonymous) 2016-12-30 10:03 am (UTC)(link)
When Grindelwald assumes Graves' identity, he doesn't know Graves is regularly "entertaining" the president - mauybe he doesn't dig that deep, maybe the memories are kept in a pensieve because they are potentially damaging, maybe she obliviates him after every encounter, maybe he just doesn't care.

Grindelgraves can't risk fighting her at this junction so he has to play along when he is invited to entertain her - the catch? He's gay. He's never been with a woman, has NO idea what to do with one.

Cue Picquery punishing "Percy" for being a naughty boy who is not doing his job

Please no "eww ladyparts" reaction or transphobia

+ Grindelgraves on his knees
++ pet names and mild humiation
+++ grindelwald being grateful when she fucks him with a strap on because this at least he knows how to deal with

Re: GrindelGraves/Picquery - Grindelwald is gay and doesn't know what to do, femdom, possible non-co

(Anonymous) 2016-12-30 12:42 pm (UTC)(link)
lmao, this. Picquery playfully spanking Wizard Hitler unawares would be hilarious.

Fill: Unexpected Liaisons 1/?

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Re: Fill: Unexpected Liaisons 1/?

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Re: Fill: Unexpected Liaisons 1/?

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Re: Fill: Unexpected Liaisons 1/?

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Fill: Unexpected Liaisons 2/?

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Newt, angst, one of the beasts must be put down...

(Anonymous) 2016-12-30 12:50 pm (UTC)(link)
...for a serious reason, think rabid Niffler that could contaminate half of New York with no cure in sight, etc. And it seems that only Newt can do the job.

Your call as to what happens next, but no false alert scenario please. For instance...

- Character of your choice steps in and does it themselves to spare Newt the pain
- Newt refuses and has to deal with the consequences
- Newt does it, cue emotional h/c with the other animals and/or character/s of your choice

Fem dom Grindelwald/Graves

(Anonymous) 2016-12-30 04:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Continuing my one woman crusade to have Grindelwald retconed into having been played by an attractive Scandinavian woman, I would like to request a fic with your typical Grindelwald and Graves dynamic, except I want Female Grindelwald and male Graves. You can genderbend any other characters too (Alba Dumbledore perhaps?) But I want more of the female Grindelwald.

Non con and/or torture is fine, my kingdom for Grindelwald using petnames to refer to Graves.

Gen, little Newt in America

(Anonymous) 2016-12-30 05:05 pm (UTC)(link)
An idea that just came to me. Just thinking that what if Newt was still a child during the plot of the movie when he went to America. What if Theseus had been called to America, or was just going to America to visit his friend Graves and decided to bring his little brother, Newt, who wanted to see the magical creatures in America.

From here, you can fill however you want. Some of the ideas I had were that Newt gets separated from his brother because he's distracted by some sort of creature, maybe, or he eventually runs into Grindel!Graves and goes with him because "hey, you're my brother's friend we were supposed to be meeting, have you seen Theseus anywhere? He seems to have wandered off again"

I don't really know where this would go, just an idea that came to mind

Re: Gen, little Newt in America

(Anonymous) 2016-12-30 07:16 pm (UTC)(link)
yesyesyes. That last suggestion has me thinking of Grindel!Graves with wee!Newt and absolutely panicking from the whole 'who is this small person? What am I supposed to do with it???'

so basically i second this.

Re: Gen, little Newt in America

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Re: Gen, little Newt in America

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Newt+aurors, gangbang

(Anonymous) 2016-12-30 05:39 pm (UTC)(link)
I have simple needs.

Just Newt being fucked over and over, please. Either train run style (one by one) or simultaneously by several people.

Re: Newt+aurors, gangbang

(Anonymous) 2016-12-30 07:06 pm (UTC)(link)
I have simple needs too and this is one of them.

Re: Newt+aurors, gangbang

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Re: Newt+aurors, gangbang

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Re: Newt+aurors, gangbang

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Re: Newt+aurors, gangbang

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FILL: The Initiation (Newt+aurors, gangbang)

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Re: FILL: The Initiation (Newt+aurors, gangbang)

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Re: FILL: The Initiation (Newt+aurors, gangbang)

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Grindelwald Gets his Ass Handed to Him by Beasts.

(Anonymous) 2016-12-30 05:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Grindelwald escapes from his cell and decides to take revenge on a certain Magizoologist.

He decides to target Newt’s briefcase but quickly discovers that it was a horrible idea. Grindelwald knows nothing about beast which is unfortunate, because the beasts seem to know who he is. This wizard gives off the same scent as the one who tried to hurt mummy…. now how can they let that go unpunished?

Grindelwald also remembers that his wand was taken… oh… well crap.

At MACUSA headquarters, Newt and and company just stare as Newt's suitcase go nuts with sounds of screaming heard from inside. Newt is worried about his creatures and Picquery is worried about another incident, that is until a badly injured Grindelwald slowly crawls out.

Everyone’s eyeball bulges out when Grindelwald crawls to Picquery on his hands and knees then begs to be put back in jail.

Grindelwald is now terrified of Newt and Newt has no clue why.

Re: Grindelwald Gets his Ass Handed to Him by Beasts.

(Anonymous) 2016-12-31 01:39 pm (UTC)(link)
i have a miGHTY NEED

Re: Grindelwald Gets his Ass Handed to Him by Beasts.

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Re: Grindelwald Gets his Ass Handed to Him by Beasts.

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(Anonymous) 2016-12-30 07:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Graves teases touch-starved credence with a vibrator.
Credence is oversensitive and having the time of his life

That's it

Newt/Original!Graves: Old Magic

(Anonymous) 2016-12-30 07:23 pm (UTC)(link)
Newt and Original!Graves have to complete a magic ritual together. It is Old Magic that they call upon, the wild, unconstrained power that exists beyond and precedes the Dark and Light - magic born sky and night and sunrise, from nature, red in tooth and claw. Magic that seethes and boils between them, the Old Magic that can tear the sky asunder...

+ As a side effect, they *know* each other on a soul-deep level.

Re: Newt/Original!Graves: Old Magic

(Anonymous) 2016-12-30 07:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Is it a sex ritual? Please let it be a sex ritual :P

Re: Newt/Original!Graves: Old Magic

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Re: Newt/Original!Graves: Old Magic

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Re: Newt/Original!Graves: Old Magic

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[Fill] Ritual - Graves/Newt, Old Magic

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Re: [Fill] Ritual - Graves/Newt, Old Magic

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Re: [Fill] Ritual - Graves/Newt, Old Magic

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Re: [Fill] Ritual - Graves/Newt, Old Magic

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Re: [Fill] Ritual - Graves/Newt, Old Magic

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Re: [Fill] Ritual - Graves/Newt, Old Magic

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Re: [Fill] Ritual - Graves/Newt, Old Magic

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Re: [Fill] Ritual - Graves/Newt, Old Magic

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Newt/Real Graves Exhusband

(Anonymous) 2016-12-30 09:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Newt knows stright away that Grindelgraves is an imposter becuse Graves is his exhusband.
Newt was 18 and Graves was on secondment to MoM.

Graves was supposed to send for Newt when he went home to the USA instead divorce papers arrived.

When Graves is rescued he's suprised to find out his ex is the one who alerted everyone to the switch and lead his rescue after all when he sent for his young husband only divorce papers arrived.....

Re: Newt/Real Graves Exhusband

(Anonymous) 2016-12-30 11:07 pm (UTC)(link)
This is perfect!!!!

Re: Newt/Real Graves Exhusband

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Graves, Animagus

(Anonymous) 2016-12-30 10:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Graves is an Animagus . Grindelwald forces him into his animal form and curses him so he can't turn back into human. He probably sends him far away from New York to get him out of the way. Luckily for Graves he comes across adventuring magizoologist Newt Scamander. Now he only has to convey that he really is a human and he really needs to go to New York.

Re: Graves, Animagus

(Anonymous) 2016-12-30 11:07 pm (UTC)(link)
Someone please write this

Re: Graves, Animagus

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Re: Graves, Animagus

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Breaking Graves, Graves/Grindelwald

(Anonymous) 2016-12-30 10:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Has anyone ever written Grindelwald breaking Graves down by fucking him? Like first using the Imperius curse and gradually using it less and less until either Graves realizes of Grindelwald tells him that he hasn't done it for weeks, Graves has been getting fucked by/blowing/whatever Grindelwald completely on his own volition. If not can someone please do so?

+for Graves realizing he's locked up now only by his addiction to Grindelwald's dick and he can't decide if he hates himself for it or not
++for Graves after he's rescued and can't stop thinking about how much he misses it

Newt, Newt knows royalty

(Anonymous) 2016-12-30 11:07 pm (UTC)(link)
Gen, or you can choose pairings.

Specifically, Newt probably made the acquaintance of the British royal family when a niffler was stealing their valuables and he rooted it out. You can write about that and/or when his American friends find out that the whole royal family actually really likes Newt (also, that Newt knows how to bow and can keep all the forms of address straight).

Historical notes: In 1926, George V (grandfather of current Queen Elizabeth II) would have been the ruling monarch. His eldest son, who would become Edward VIII and eventually abdicate to marry Wallis Simpson, would have been Prince of Wales, and George VI (Queen Elizabeth's father) would have been the duke of York and father to a baby girl.

Graves + Grindelwald, Humiliation & Ass slugs

(Anonymous) 2016-12-30 11:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Grindelwald uses the slugulus curse on Graves, but he makes the slugs come out of Graves's ass rather than mouth.

Newt/Percival/Credence: Newt and Credence see Real Graves smile and laugh, making them fall hard

(Anonymous) 2016-12-31 12:07 am (UTC)(link)
Graves is alive and on the path to recovery, being too stubborn to just sit home. Everyone is guilty as hell for the crap Percival had to go through. When Newt returns with a recovering Credence in tow, both are a little awkward and wary of Percival and he is a bit wary of them too. One day at MACUSA, Newt and Credence are there to visit Tina and Queenie and Newt's brought along his case. Inevitably something escapes, like maybe one of the baby animals. No one notices immediately until maybe the baby animal's mother or Dougal the Demiguise comes out of the case in distress.

Newt is beside himself, and Credence is no better. MACUSA is but on alert, but they are also told that they have to be careful because its a baby animal and therefore not as dangerous. When Newt and Credence follow Tina into the Auror's department to inform Percival, they are stunned when they walk into his office and find him with the baby animal safe and sound in his arms, smiling and laughing at the baby and looking like something straight out of a dream. Nothing like the stoic and serious Director of Magical Security that he's got a reputation for being.

In that moment Newt and Credence see Percival for himself, they see the good hearted man who can still smile and be tender with a baby animal despite all of the horrors he's been through. In that moment Newt and Credence fall irrevocably in love with the real Percival Graves.

Cue the hilarious hijinks as Newt and Credence decide to court Percival with the help of their animal family.

Grindelwald/Graves - Crossdressing

(Anonymous) 2016-12-31 12:11 am (UTC)(link)
Grindelwald makes Graves wear frilly pretty ladies' lingerie while fucking him
lacestockings: (Default)

Mini Fill - idek man

[personal profile] lacestockings 2017-01-01 04:16 am (UTC)(link)
A/N: Posting via sock so that links will actually work: Lingerie based off of this lovely number, as well as this one

The Director truly looks rather stunning like this; legs in long, black silk stockings that ride up to his mid thighs thighs, showing through the sheer cream silk chiffon teddy and its black complimentary lacing. The Charmed embroidery accents, however, are Grindelwald's favorite touch. The simple glyph of the Deathly Hallows alternating with beautiful cursive G's, charmed with light spells for binding and immobility. Wouldn't do for dear Mr. Graves to struggle too much and tear his lovely lingerie, after all.

It's all to easy to spread the Director's legs apart on the Transfigured four-poster bed. Director Graves had been living under such modest means; truly ridiculous granted the primacy of his name and the utterly beautiful scope of his power. In his more honest moments, Grindelwald had to admit that besting Graves had been a near thing, and to have that power beneath him, bound to his commands and forced into accepting his touch—why it is nearly as heady a sight as the man himself, carefully cleaned and shaved with a few quick spells before the evening began, dolled up in the loveliest set of muggle underthings he could find on such short notice. Graves' hair fans out so nicely on the pillow and the fire of resistance in his eyes, even as he cannot move himself, the fury in his face.

Such passion. Grindelwald will bend it to his will, eventually, one way or another.

But now is not for such things. Now is for sliding his hand up that beautiful, muscled thigh, inching the chiffon and lace up higher, removing that small strip that serves as a barrier between himself and the lovely prize of Graves winking hole. He could spell it slick, he supposes, but he'd much rather do it the mundane way, dripping the oil down his fingers and dragging them up Graves' inner thigh slowly before plunging two of them in. There is a muffled sound of pain from Graves as his tight heat clenches around Grindelwald's fingers, and the dark wizard grins. He thrusts them in and out at a steady pace, before beginning to scissor them apart. Normally, he'd be much more patient, teasing Graves to hardness the slow way, forcing his body to react so beautifully the way Grindelwald wants it to, a finely-tuned, well-trained instrument in his hands.

But Graves, dressed so prettily, flushing red with anger and shame. It is a sight that much stronger men would be hard-pressed to resist, so Grindelwald doesn't bother. He takes his unoccupied hand and tweaks at Graves' pert nipples through the chiffon silk, wandlessly casting a Charm for warmth and Heat of the carnal variety, letting that magical arousal shoot through Graves' veins from the light touches against the Driector's delightfully sensitive nipples to his cock. The rush of arousal helps relax and loosen the man as well, and Grindelwald goes form two fingers to three with his thrusting, pressing with every other go at Graves' prostate.

The Director is biting his lips, trying to swallow his noises, but still the muffled pants and moans slip past, and Grindelwald can wait no longer. He draws his hands away, and shifts to lift the Director's hips over his lap and carefully aligns his cock. He slicks his cock with a few rough tugs and wipes the excess oil on the bedsheet, before gripping Graves' hips firmly and slowly burying himself in the Director's tight heat.

Oh, the sensation of Graves clenching around him so tightly, as if trying to resist entry, so shamed and angered at his arousal. The flush of his toned, scarred skin through the delicate lace and sheer chiffon, as his nipples harden further and his cock strains against the loose silk. The smear of Graves' precome darkens the silk as it dampens the fabric, and as Grindelwald begins to thrust—deep, pounding strokes—against Graves' prostate, the friction of Graves' cock against the silk of his teddy clearly excites him more, bringing him very quickly to full hardness.

"You look marvelous, Director," Grindelwald says with a smirk, as Graves lets out a particularly loud and embarrassing moan. "Really, you were made for this, spread out on my bed, a most delectable dessert." He moves one of his hands from Graves' hips to trail his fingers teasingly over the head of Graves' cock through the dampened fabric. "Look how erect you are for me, how your body begs for my cock."

Graves looks as though he is about to attempt to spit at him, so Grindelwald pulls out and abruptly flips the man over before plunging back in, now able to pound into him deeper with the new angle. The pillow muffles GRaves' moans, somewhat, but the way his body trembles tells Grindelwald all he needs to know.

With a few rough tugs on Graves' cock, and another windless spell to increase Graves' arousal, the man comes with a wanton cry, soiling his lovely stockings and teddy with his come. The muscles of his ass clench oh so tightly around Grindelwald's thrusting cock, and he thrusts only a few more times before coming deep within Graves' ass. With an idle hand, he summons a thick wooden plug from the dresser, which he slowly eases into Graves' inflamed, red, and come-dripping hole.

"Naughty, naughty, dear Director, spoiling your lovely present." Grindelwald clucks his tongue and slaps Graves' exposed ass. "We will have to do this again, and see if you can behave properly, next time."

With those parting words, Grindelwald stands and leaves, casting one last look at the Director, spent with his limbs held immobile on the bedspread, still in that lovely, mussed lace.

He will definitely have to keep the man once it is over, perhaps chain him to the bed permanently. And the next set of stockings will most definitely need to be red.

Re: Mini Fill - idek man

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Re: Mini Fill - idek man

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Re: Mini Fill - idek man

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Re: Mini Fill - idek man

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Newt/Graves, asexual!Newt

(Anonymous) 2016-12-31 12:38 am (UTC)(link)
Newt is used to his potential partners fleeing in really hurtful ways when they realise that he just isn't into ... that. He's started to explain it to Graves more times than he can count, but Graves ... just keeps asking him out to dinner?

Re: Newt/Graves, asexual!Newt

(Anonymous) 2016-12-31 02:54 am (UTC)(link)
This is really cute, +1

Re: Newt/Graves, asexual!Newt

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Fill: Newt/Graves, You're More Than Enough For Me

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Re: Fill: Newt/Graves, You're More Than Enough For Me

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Re: Fill: Newt/Graves, You're More Than Enough For Me

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Re: Fill: Newt/Graves, You're More Than Enough For Me

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Re: Fill: Newt/Graves, You're More Than Enough For Me

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Re: Fill: Newt/Graves, You're More Than Enough For Me

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Re: Fill: Newt/Graves, You're More Than Enough For Me

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Re: Fill: Newt/Graves, You're More Than Enough For Me

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Re: Fill: Newt/Graves, You're More Than Enough For Me

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Re: Fill: Newt/Graves, You're More Than Enough For Me

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Re: Fill: Newt/Graves, You're More Than Enough For Me

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On ao3

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Scandalous Secret Love Affair - Minister of Magic/Newt

(Anonymous) 2016-12-31 12:50 am (UTC)(link)
In that scene in the movie where the Minister asks Newt what he's doing there, and then asks "What are you really up to?" when Newt lied made me think that the Minister seems to know Newt pretty well.


Maybe the Minister first coerced Newt into sleeping with him so that Newt could keep his wand after he was expelled, but then Newt realizes he can also get the Minister to do favors for him by continuing to sleep with him (creature protection laws, keeping Theseus away from the worst war zones etc.)

After a while of using each other, they become sort-of-close-friends with benefits.

Re: Scandalous Secret Love Affair - Minister of Magic/Newt

(Anonymous) 2016-12-31 03:13 am (UTC)(link)
OMG this is brilliant. Yes please


(Anonymous) 2016-12-31 01:04 am (UTC)(link)
Okay, so... There's the Obscurial, yes? And it looks rather tentacle-y. Now, it probably had some 'fun' with its host, if you know what I mean...

Alternative: One of Newt's creatures has tentacles and shit happens. Who gets to meet the creature is up to you.

+1000000000 if it's tentacle rape.

Re: Tentacles!

(Anonymous) 2016-12-31 02:05 am (UTC)(link)
I'm always in to read about tentacles!

Grindelwald/Graves, noncon, Grindelwald rapes and degrades Graves, Stockholm Syndrome

(Anonymous) 2016-12-31 01:23 am (UTC)(link)
Grindelwald captures Graves and keeps him as a prisoner while pretending to be him. He could've just killed him, but doing that is just too easy. Graves represents everything Grindelwald absolutely despises - bowing down to muggles, hurting witches and wizards to enforce that rule - he's actually the top enforcer of that rule. And Grindelwald will make him pay. He'll torture him, rape him, degrade him, humiliate him and break him. He'll do it in the dungeon he keeps him in most of the time, in his office, in Graves' own bed. There wouldn't be a single place that was part of Graves' identity that's not desecrated in this way.

Bonus points for focusing on Graves slowly breaking - all his pride and dignity slipping away, leaving a begging, pleading, crying, obedient ruin of a man behind.

More bonus points for Grindelwald being nice to him in between the rape and torture - healing him, comforting him, petting him like a dog and referring to him as his pet all the while reminding him no one would take him back as he is now - neither the MACUSA, nor his own family.

Mega bonus points for Graves developing a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome - one day he and Grindelwald are walking out in NY together (transfigured?) and Graves has a chance to escape, but he doesn't.

Grindelwald is defeated by his seven awesome exes

(Anonymous) 2016-12-31 02:07 am (UTC)(link)
In a reverse Scott Pilgrim, grindelwald fails to take over the world due to the intervention of his seven exes (including, hopefully, characters introduced in Fantastic Beasts :))

Re: Grindelwald is defeated by his seven awesome exes

(Anonymous) 2017-01-01 12:13 am (UTC)(link)
Seeing as Grindelwald was defeated by Albus Dumbledore, this prompt is also at least partially canon.

Crack - Original!Graves and the Niffler bros

(Anonymous) 2016-12-31 03:32 am (UTC)(link)
I just have a need for more of Graves and the Niffler being awesome together.

And if you could work this image:

into it somehow, you'd win my heart. Possibly my first born.

ArtFill - Original!Graves and the Niffler bros

(Anonymous) 2016-12-31 01:24 pm (UTC)(link)
The idea was too hilarious. Have a quick sketch as inspiration guys!!

Re: ArtFill - Original!Graves and the Niffler bros

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Re: ArtFill - Original!Graves and the Niffler bros

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Re: ArtFill - Original!Graves and the Niffler bros

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Graves/Aurors MACUSA Reward System

(Anonymous) 2016-12-31 03:40 am (UTC)(link)
If you finish your work just right Director Graves will let you pound his ass after work.

Re: Graves/Aurors MACUSA Reward System

(Anonymous) 2016-12-31 03:52 am (UTC)(link)
um...please. +1000

Graves/Newt- Flirting, Hurt/Comfort, Modern!AU

(Anonymous) 2016-12-31 03:53 am (UTC)(link)
Newt is a wildlife rehabilitation expert who is a frequent flyer at the local ER for needing things like stitches or antivenin. Graves is the grumpy, long-suffering ER doctor who seems to inexplicably have a soft spot for Newt. They flirt a bit awkwardly every time, and Graves jokes that Newt won't be this lucky forever.

He meant that Newt would one day get really hurt by a creature. He certainly didn't think that when Newt finally did come into his ER on death's door, it would be something so damn common as being hit by a drunk driver. And seeing him like that makes Graves decide that when- not if, when- Newt pulls though, he's going to stop beating around the bush and just take the man out to dinner.

+ bonus points if the whole ER staff has a bet going on when Graves will finally ask the guy out

Original!Graves/Newt - A/B/O, Long-Lost Parent Trophe

(Anonymous) 2016-12-31 04:24 am (UTC)(link)
During the War, omega!Newt had a single night of (drunk) passion with a handsome, dark-haired wizard. It wasn't anything serious; just a shared comfort, an escape from the hell of War. Newt woke to find himself alone; the other soldier had already left.

...he also (unknowingly) left Newt pregnant, and with a set of teeth marks on his neck that proclaimed him the bound mate of the mysterious alpha.

Years later, single parent Newt and his young child arrive in New York.

Percival Graves is about to meet his mate and child.

+ for overprotective Uncle Theseus, who is more then prepared to rain hell and brimstone down in defense of his family.

++ for Newt's child being just as much a magical beast enthusiast as their 'mummy' (they were practically raised in Newt's case, after all!)

+++ For every single MACUSA employee being utterly terrified of Newt. After all, this is Director Graves' MATE.

+++++ For Newt being utterly badass in defense of his child.

Re: Original!Graves/Newt - A/B/O, Long-Lost Parent Trophe

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Newt/Percival/Credence: Newt, Credence, and the Creatures help Percival with his nightmares

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Percival is stoic and as much of a hardass as ever but privately, when he's home all alone, he falls apart, both from the horrors he has suffered at Grindelwald's hands and also from the hurt of having no one notice he had been replaced.

Enter Newt returning to New York not only with his finished book, but a recovering and obscurial free Credence in turn. When they meet the real Percival, the attraction is deep and instant between the three of them, but Percival keeps his walls up.

Then through some turn of events, Newt and Credence see Percival in the grips of the mother of all nightmares and it absolutely destroys them seeing Percival in so much pain. Despite his vehement protests that he's fine, Percival finds himself all but being dragged into Newt's case of magical creatures, who along with Credence and Newt descend in him and shower him with more love and gentleness than he's ever known in all his life. Newt and Credence claim Percival as their lover, while the creatures more or less adopt Percival as their second baby next to Credence. Cue the hilarity and fluff, along with the angst.