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Prompt Post #2


Seeing as we've reached 4,000 comments in Round 1, it's time to make a new one. Same (lack of) rules apply. Gentle reminder to everyone to refrain from posting extremely long prompts, though. While no word limit will be imposed, take note that it is very unlikely for someone to fulfill your prompt if your prompt alone is already several paragraphs long and containing a number of specifications.

-(01/14/2016) We now have a TRADING POST where you can exchange fills with people. 
-The prompt freeze is over! You may resume posting prompts. The next freeze is scheduled on February 8, 12:00 AM (PST) or if this round reaches 4,000 comments; whichever comes first.
-Due to popular demand, we now have our first couple of rules!
RULE #1: No prompt must exceed 250 words. Any prompt that exceeds that WILL be screened.
RULE #2: Please state RPF in the subject line if your prompt involves real people.
RULE #3: No kinkshaming.

Also: interested in helping out the kink meme? We are in need of:
-Mods to help manage the kinkmeme itself
-Volunteers to help update the tumblr page

If you have free time to do one or the other, go ahead and e-mail us at
Thank you to those who have already volunteered, and have a nice day.

Important links:
You can check for fill updates at our tumblr page
You can upload your stories on AO3 anonymously here or non-anymously here.
You can alert us that you've filled a prompt here
You can talk about anything here

Re: Fearful Symmetry

(Anonymous) 2017-01-06 04:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Aaaah, oh my god that was so scary! I mean, like, horror-movie-scary! The last few lines. I read through it thinking "oh poor Graves, of course he's been affected by his experience, of course he can't look at his own face, poor thing, but he's strong and he will get through th-" and then everything turned upside down. It was like the intro to a horror movie, seriously, that innocent "just a few small cuts", and it hints at a shade of insanity, hysteria, that MIGHT end after those few small cuts but may also grow out of control, and wow, that potential is just. Like a punch to the gut. Well done!