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 Looking for someone to trade specific fills with you? Then this is the place for you!

How to create a trade:
1) Comment below and link to a prompt you want to see filled! Include a summary of the prompt itself in your comment.
2) State in your comment the types of prompts you are willing to fill in exchange. Specify characters, pairings and kinks that you are open to writing about. You may also specify the characters/pairings/kinks you are not willing to write about.
3) Wait for someone to respond to your comment. We encourage people to create fills consisting of at least 1000 words.
4) If someone fills the prompt you linked to, expect them to include a link to their chosen prompt (which should coincide with the types of prompts you specified previously).
5) Don't be a dick and leave the filler hanging; fill their desired prompt the same way they filled yours, so everyone can be happy.

Do not post the fill itself in response to comments on this page. Please post the fills as replies to the original prompts.

Request: Newt/Graves adjusting to getting constantly fucked, dub-con, D/s

(Anonymous) 2017-01-14 03:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Link to prompt:

Summary: Newt trying to get used to being constantly on his back/hands and knees like a dutiful husband, and getting fucked. No-reedeming qualities whatosoever, just pure fucking.

My offer: Willing to write prompts with Newt/anyone or anything (as long as it's sub!Newt), though I'm no good at ABO, sorry. Newt or Jacob-centric gen is fine with me, too.
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Any/omega!Credence - Grindelwald's leftovers

[personal profile] draconicseraphim 2017-01-23 08:22 am (UTC)(link)
Link to prompt:

Summary:Months have passed since Grindelwald's short lived arrest and Credence's escape. He's been recovering slowly from both Grindelwald and Mary Lou with Newt/Original!Graves/the Goldstein. All seems to be going as well as can be expected when someone notices Credence's belly slowly growing.

Turns out Grindelwald left him in a bit of a predicament. How does everyone deal with the pregnancy and the possibility that Grindelwald will come back for his child.

My offer: I am willing to write any pairing but I will say I cannot write Grindelwald/Graves as anything other than dark, non-conny, dysfunction. Dark!fic comes easiest to me. I do love writing BDSM/lifestyle things. I am willing to write all manner of kinks. I honestly have not seen anything on the meme that I would not be willing to tackle. Humor and fluff are not my forte but Jacob seems to come surprisingly easy? No AU fics for trades, it would turn into this huge never ending thing and... yeah best not to open that can of worms.

Going to post a couple of these since I have a few I'd like to see. Also posting this logged in so others can see what else I've written on AO3 if there's something you think would fit well.

Re: Request: Newt/Graves adjusting to getting constantly fucked, dub-con, D/s

(Anonymous) 2017-01-30 05:16 am (UTC)(link)
Yo, working on a fill for this but it got mpreg.

Re: Any/omega!Credence - Grindelwald's leftovers

(Anonymous) 2017-02-03 03:08 pm (UTC)(link)
*cracks knuckles* ON IT

Crossover, art for fics. Nerd luuuuv Newt/Frederic

(Anonymous) 2017-03-07 06:09 am (UTC)(link)
Fuck it, I posted this in the /y/ thread and I might as well get my efforts worth. I'm going to shotgun spread it in hope for a fill, I don't care, I need these two. Offer extends here too, I'll also accept multi fills if any other write anons want in on the deal. Hell, you can extend beyond prompt idgaf.

Tldr; art for fics.

Now, time for prompts

So Newt worked with dragons, right?
Can I get him and this jackass nerd fucking over dragon facts?
I don't care how it happens, I just need them screwing and nerding out. Maybe nerdy talk of dragon behaviorism turns them tf on, maybe they're midfuck and one of them has a eureka moment and cheerily explains their thought while getting reamed. I don't fucking care, crack crossover pairings aren't suppose to make sense. I just want Newt getting a good dicking while he and the good professor are in serious conversation about creature theories and observations.

Hell, maybe they blueball themselves to go document things. They're both scholars with their priorities straight.

More reference on the dragon professor if need be
He has a TVtropes page too.

Plz help me kinkmeme, you might be my only hope.