2017-01-14 11:07 pm
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 Looking for someone to trade specific fills with you? Then this is the place for you!

How to create a trade:
1) Comment below and link to a prompt you want to see filled! Include a summary of the prompt itself in your comment.
2) State in your comment the types of prompts you are willing to fill in exchange. Specify characters, pairings and kinks that you are open to writing about. You may also specify the characters/pairings/kinks you are not willing to write about.
3) Wait for someone to respond to your comment. We encourage people to create fills consisting of at least 1000 words.
4) If someone fills the prompt you linked to, expect them to include a link to their chosen prompt (which should coincide with the types of prompts you specified previously).
5) Don't be a dick and leave the filler hanging; fill their desired prompt the same way they filled yours, so everyone can be happy.

Do not post the fill itself in response to comments on this page. Please post the fills as replies to the original prompts.