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Prompt Post #1



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Tina/Leta + Newt, confront the ex, taking notes IS vouyerism

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 03:29 am (UTC)(link)
Because [reasons] Newt and Tina run into Leta Lestrange. Tina had words for her. Somehow that resulted in Tina and Leta waking up in bed together and finding Newt asleep on the chair next to the bed ...where he had been taking notes.

Re: Tina/Leta + Newt, confront the ex, taking notes IS vouyerism

(Anonymous) 2016-12-06 11:11 pm (UTC)(link)
This has such great potential to be hilarious

Grindelwald/Newt mpreg non-con

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 03:39 am (UTC)(link)
Right after the events of the movie, Newt went missing. People assumed he died on an expedition. Grindelwald rises to power, and Dumbledore eventually defeats him.

When aurors raid Nuremberg, they find a cell where a certain Newt Scamander has been locked for years. His only companion is a child that he keeps insisting is his own.

Turns out Grindelwald captured Newt and took him hostage as revenge, forcefeeding him potions that would make him female so he could carry Grindelwald's child.

Re: Grindelwald/Newt mpreg non-con

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 05:35 am (UTC)(link)
Im so evil cause i want this too

Graves/Credence, no lube

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 03:46 am (UTC)(link)
What do you mean there's no magical lube? IDK, there's just not! Not the point anyway, moving on...

In which Graves gets Credence off then fingers Credence with his own spunk before Graves fucks his brains out.

Re: Graves/Credence, no lube

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 04:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Ungh. Yes.

Newt/Percival/Credence: Unloved feeling Percival pregnant by both Newt and Credence

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 05:07 am (UTC)(link)
Long story short, Percival is married to Newt and Credence but they don't get along mainly because Newt and Credence have these preconceived notions about Percival, like he's cold and stoic and doesn't like magical creatures. In actuality Percival is deeply and truly in love with both of them but has a hard time expressing it. Part of the magic that bonds them in marriage requires that they have sex regularly to keep the balance. It is the worst feeling in the world for Percival to know that his husbands would much prefer to not have him in the equation. Usually he's the top, but during one particular time, Percival surprises both Newt and Credence by being the bottom. They are together this way, but it does little to improve their relationship.

A few weeks later, Percival starts to feel funny and gets sick in the mornings. He hides this from his husbands and gets checked out by his doctor. He is shocked when he learns that he's pregnant with not one but two babies, fraternal twins. Percival gets excited, thinking maybe this will help his husbands see how much he loves them. He comes home after work to share the joyous news but instead he overhears Newt and Credence discussing the future, how they'll use a surrogate to have kids. They even start to joke that any child of Percival's would probably be born just as cold and brooding. This finally breaks Percival's heart but in true fashion he remains stoic and acts normal. Percival goes on, tries to avoid Tina and especially Queenie, and his only source of joy are the babies he's carrying. He casts a spell to hide his growing bump.

What Newt and Credence don't know is that Percival often goes and visits the many creatures in the suitcase whenever Newt and Credence aren't there and he's endeared himself to them, most surprisingly to the majestic Nundu. It's during one of these secret visits that Percival gets caught by Newt and Credence. Newt being protective of his creatures accuses Percival of ill-intent, but is stunned when the Nundu and many other creatures come and protectively guard Percival. Newt being Newt realizes that many of these creatures act this way when protecting a member of their family who is pregnant. The cat comes out of the bag so to speak, leaving Newt and Credence stunned, but the astonishment quickly turns into crushing guilt and shame when Percival finally unleashes his full fury on his husbands. If that isn't bad enough for the pair, Tina and Queenie find out and they want blood. Now Newt and Credence have to earn Percival's trust and the privilege of being his husband, and fathers to their twins. Lord help them.
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Re: Newt/Percival/Credence: Unloved feeling Percival pregnant by both Newt and Credence

[personal profile] j_gabrielle 2016-12-03 08:45 am (UTC)(link)
I am making dying whale noises and cooing at this because it is perfection

Graves/Newt; up against the wall

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 05:18 am (UTC)(link)
That's it. Just Graves picking Newt up and fucking him against the wall.

Re: Graves/Newt; up against the wall

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 05:19 am (UTC)(link)
i'm up for this. we need more smut in this meme!

Re: Graves/Newt; up against the wall

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Re: Graves/Newt; up against the wall

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Re: Graves/Newt; up against the wall FILL

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Re: Graves/Newt; up against the wall FILL

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Re: Graves/Newt; up against the wall FILL

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Newt/Grindelwald - idek i just have a MIGHTY NEED

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 05:36 am (UTC)(link)
So there's quite a few Graves/Newt (and they are awesome. So, so awesome) but can we please get some Newt/Grindelwald in here? At this point I will take anything: non-con, yes-con, GrindelGraves. The only requirement is that all parties involved know it's Grindelwald.

Re: Newt/Grindelwald - idek i just have a MIGHTY NEED

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 08:36 am (UTC)(link)
Oh yes! I am right there with you.

Grindelwald/Newt noncon - training

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 05:55 am (UTC)(link)
Could be an alternate movie dark end or something else, but on a whim Grindelwald decides to keep the magizoologist with the pretty face for his own personal pleasure.

Newt is frightened and stubborn and fights back as much as he can, but pretty quickly Grindelwald gets tired of cursing him into submission and his solution is a special enchanted collar. If Newt resists or disobeys him, it immediately delivers intense Crucio-level pain. However, if he is obedient, he is rewarded with an equally intense dose of sexual pleasure.

Newt hates both, the punishments are agonizing and the rewards make him feel sick and dirty, but ultimately obedience is the path of least resistance. Grindelwald trains him to be the perfect sex slave until Newt is literally eating out of Grindelwald's hand.

Bonus 1: The entire time, Newt's arms are restrained behind his back so he has to do everything with his mouth.
Bonus 2: Newt getting plenty of "rewards" but isn't allowed to come.
Bonus 3: He comes on the floor and has to clean it up using his tongue.

Re: Grindelwald/Newt noncon - training

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 06:17 am (UTC)(link)
Holy shit

Re: Grindelwald/Newt noncon - training

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Darker!Newt - TW potential murder/violence

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 06:34 am (UTC)(link)
Taking inspiration from the Darker!Newt prompts: Newt likes individual people just fine, but he doesn't think much of humanity as a whole. So if some of the poachers he's had to deal with...disappeared...well, they chose a dangerous line of work, and Newt's beasts need to eat.

Re: Darker!Newt - TW potential murder/violence

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 12:44 pm (UTC)(link)
i need this in my life

Re: Darker!Newt - TW potential murder/violence

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Percival/Newt, Dark-or-at-least-thouroughly-messed-up!Newt, Keeping him

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 08:06 am (UTC)(link)
The real Percival Graves wakes up in a strange workshop, haivng been released from the tiny cigarrette case he'd been imprisoned in, to find that his rescuer is none other than his old friend Theseus' little brother.

Unfortunately: Percival doesn't have his wand, they are on a No-Maj boat in the middle of the ocean, and apparently Theseus used to steal his little brother's stuff (including playmates) so often that Newt has decided to return the favour.

Re: Percival/Newt, Dark-or-at-least-thouroughly-messed-up!Newt, Keeping him

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 08:32 am (UTC)(link)
ooo this is v interesting!!! definitely seconded!

Newt/Percy + eventual Credence

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 08:19 am (UTC)(link)
Credence goes away to Hogwarts for five years to receive a truncated version of a proper magical education from professor Dumbledore, who is the only one who will take a chance on teaching him.

He comes back to New York with formidable magic powers and an in-control obscurus with the intent of joining MACUSA's aurors and fighting the good fight against Grindelwald. He'd also like to visit Newt, who'd written to him while he was at school and is living in New York after publishing his book.

What Newt neglected to mention in his letters is that he also happens to be engaged to be married to Percival Graves, who is not only the man with the face that's haunted Credence's dreams for the last five years, but technically his new boss. And it's not fair to either of them to be jealous. Credence, after all, had never known the real Mr. Graves, hadn't fallen in love with him.

Only it's just that the real Mr. Graves reminds Credence /so much/ of the man he thought he knew, the gentle praise when he competently completes a task is almost enough to send him back down to his knees so he can thank Mr. Graves properly like in the old days. And even the differences are more appealing than Credence can bear, but Newt is so kind (and it's probably worrying that Credence's dreams have lately featured Newt as often as they've featured Percy, who exactly is he jealous of?), and they seem so happy together that it would be wrong to try and come between them, no matter that it's slowly eating Credence up inside to watch all his dreams die.

TL;DR I want pining tragic Credence and Newt and Percy eventually realizing what the problem is and bringing the poor kid into the relationship where they all live happily ever after or something to that effect.

Re: Newt/Percy + eventual Credence

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 08:32 am (UTC)(link)
I like this <3

Re: Newt/Percy + eventual Credence

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Theseus, Graves/Newt

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 09:16 am (UTC)(link)

Take place one year after the events of the film and Newt is in a relationship with Percival Graves.

Theseus has a monster of a brother complex. Like scary big.

One day, Newt receives a letter that his brother will be visiting New York for an important meeting, news which is both joyous and troubling. He’s not afraid of his big bro of course, but he is afraid for everyone else… especially Graves. He asks Graves to keep their relationship a secret until the time is right, in which Percival reluctantly agrees. Of course people think Newt is kidding about how ‘protective' Theseus is, that is until the meet him.

> Cue always adorably embarrassed Newt. Embarrassed watching his brother terrorize half of Macusa for his sake.
> The overprotectiveness stemmed from the fact that their mother died way too soon, leaving Theseus to raise Newt.
> Theseus lunges at Grindelwald on sight, for trying to kill his baby brother, only to be restrained by Grave’s Aurors.
> Graves has to hide every time he tries to be alone with Newt. Not that Percival minds. Having to crawl into Newts briefcase with Newt's creatures butt naked… its great.

What does Theseus do when he finds out about their relationship? Its up to you.

Re: Theseus, Graves/Newt

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 04:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Really want this

Re: Theseus, Graves/Newt

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Re: Theseus, Graves/Newt, FILL

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OP: Theseus, Graves/Newt, FILL

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credence/graves; transformation, monster kink

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 12:19 pm (UTC)(link)
the obscurus slowly changes credence' physis, his teeth grow sharp, the bones of his face change and give him a more ~otherworldy appearance, his hands turn into claws

credence is terrified, of course, thinking that he's finally becoming the monster he was always supposed to be.
graves, though-- graves is fascinated and more than just a little aroused

fucking ensues -- with credence as shy, weepy top and a graves who marvels at the power he has over this very special boy

credence/anyone, thumb sucking, praise kink

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 12:45 pm (UTC)(link)
whenever credence is under great stress/pressure he starts sucking hia thumb for comfort
of course, it always happens in secret (credence is quite ashamed of it)
however, as he again fears punishment from someone he trusts/loves he goes into hiding and does what he always does -- now, this time he is caught and his s.o. (it actually doesn't have to be a romantic relationship at all, it can be whatever the author wants it to be with whomever) thinks it to be quite ... Enticing

lots of praise and gentle nudging credence into the right direction happens, eventually they have soft tender sex and credence, it being his first time, gets so overwhelmed he (you might've guessed it) starts sucking his thumb again

Newt/Percival backrub

[personal profile] griffing07 2016-12-03 12:46 pm (UTC)(link)
So I've been watching fbawtft interviews and theres one story going around about eddie getting really nervous before going on stage at comiccon and colin farrell giving him a backrub and whispering to him to calm him down. I would love to see nervous panicking newt and percival (real graves please no grindelwald) calming him down and rubbing his back basically being really really sweet love me some fluff! :)

Re: Newt/Percival backrub

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 01:14 pm (UTC)(link)
oh my god, is that in an interview? could you link it?

Re: Newt/Percival backrub

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Re: Newt/Percival backrub

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Re: Newt/Percival backrub

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Re: Newt/Percival backrub

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Re: Newt/Percival backrub

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Fill: Backrub

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Grindelwald/Dumbledore+Tom Riddle; 'king you shall be'

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 12:47 pm (UTC)(link)
I have a GoT inspired prompt for you, lads.

When Grindelwald and Dumbledore are young they go to a Seer(Cassandra Trelawney?) and she gives Grindelwald a prophecy.

'King you shall be... until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear.'

After Grindelwald and Dumbledore part ways, Gellert stars thinking that the younger, more beautiful 'king' is Dumbledore himself but actually it turns out it's Tom Riddle, who casts him down(as Dark Lord) and takes all that he holds dear(Dumbledore, I guess a bit of canon divergence where Albus wins the Grindelore duel but loses to Tom?). Give me all the Grindelore angst and all of Tom Riddle being a bitchy, sneering Margaery Tyrell to Grindelwald's Cersei Lannister before he takes him down.

Original!Graves/Tina, sex in the office

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 02:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Pre-movie, when Tina is still an Auror.

Tina tries so hard to be professional in her meetings with Graves, but all she can think of is how badly she wants him to fuck her; on his desk, up against the wall, and in all the other ways that her treacherous mind keeps coming up with.

Percival has never struggled as much with his self-control as he does when Tina is around. He has never had a problem with acting professional towards his subordinates before, but with her he constantly finds himself wondering if she is as passionate in bed as she is in her job – and then there is that little voice in his head that wants to hear her beg.

Re: Original!Graves/Tina, sex in the office

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 05:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Classic! Hope this gets filled!

Credence, magic-starved

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 02:31 pm (UTC)(link)
Preferably gen, but shippiness fine as well. In a happier ending where Credence is alive and with someone who is teaching him magic (preferably someone well-intentioned and trying to help undo some of the harm that his upbringing did), he's clearly hungry to be shown spells - his eyes follow every time someone brings out a wand, he seems to pay attention to the casting with every sense, struggling to hide his wonder. Maybe if he trusts them, he'll ask to see spells. Just want to see Credence finally interacting with the magical heritage denied him and just being so fascinated.

Want to go get Coffee? Newt/Graves

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 04:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Newt stays in New York (authors choice on why) after Grindelgraves is captured and the original Graves is found. Graves asks Newt out for coffee several times(date) because he refuses to let someone so pure of heart and adorable get away. Newt is completely oblivious that he's being asked out on a date. He is a tea person and hates coffee. Graves is really confused because Newt keeps flirting with him. Newt is completely unaware he is and he really likes Graves as well. Graves is getting mixed signals but refuses to give up. He hears the ladies in the office telling him Newt really likes him.
Would really like a Happy ending. Can be fluff with smut. Or just fluff. 5 and 1 works . I'm not really picky. I just really want to see this done.

Re: Want to go get Coffee? Newt/Graves

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 07:52 pm (UTC)(link)
This is really cute and I need it!

Re: Want to go get Coffee? Newt/Graves

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Re: Want to go get Coffee? Newt/Graves

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Newt + accidental baby acquisition

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 04:47 pm (UTC)(link)
That time when Newt somehow has to take care of a human baby. I don't care whose baby it is.

Re: Newt + accidental baby acquisition

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 07:52 pm (UTC)(link)
I like this!

Credence X Graves, rimming, riding

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 06:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Powerbottom!Graves makes a blushing Credence ride his face, and then he rides Credence.

+1000000000 if Credence is hung (but has no idea of the gift he's been given. there was a prompt like this while back and UNF.)

Re: Credence X Graves, rimming, riding

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 07:49 pm (UTC)(link)

AO3 Link

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Re: Fill: Credence X Graves, rimming, riding

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Re: Fill: Credence X Graves, rimming, riding

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Re: Credence X Graves, rimming, riding

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Newt + Credence & Original!Graves, A/B/O AU

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 06:28 pm (UTC)(link)
In this world, most people are Beta and Alpha and Omega are so rare. Newt is Beta and one of his dreams is to meet Alpha or Omega (or both if he's lucky enough). It's out of both personal interest and scientific curiosity. After finding out Credence is Alpha, Newt thinks his dream came true and doesn't realize there's a very powerful Omega somewhere in this city.

I don't mind it's gen or any rating. :)

Re: Newt + Credence & Original!Graves, A/B/O AU

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 06:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Omega!Graves is my kind of thing.

Dumbledore/Newt + Anything

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 07:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Only because...Where's all the fic??? I will take angst, fluff, smut -- whatever. We just need to get this ball rolling.

Re: Dumbledore/Newt + Anything

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Newt/Graves - Expectations

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 08:49 pm (UTC)(link)
We know from Rowling's writings that Graves comes from one of the oldest political families in America, and has had ancestors in the Auror office since it was founded. As such, there are a lot of expectations about what sort of partner Percival is supposed to choose, and a lot of concern for the family name when he turns up, not even two years off being impersonated by Grindlewald, having quietly eloped with Newt Scamander, a magizoologist and technically a smuggler, even if he does now have his permits in order, from a family of no particular note. The assembled Graves clan is Not Happy About This.
Bonus points for:
- At least one black-sheep sibling who is rather enjoying seeing Percival, formerly the favourite, doing something the rest of the family so disapproves of.
- Newt brought the creatures.

Re: Newt/Graves - Expectations

(Anonymous) 2016-12-04 12:21 am (UTC)(link)

Re: Newt/Graves - Expectations

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Credence, Grindelwald - Suitable Attire

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 08:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Grindelwald takes Credence shopping for clothes. Because you can't take over the world in a raggedy, old suit.
j_gabrielle: (Default)

Fill: Credence, Grindelwald - Suitable Attire

[personal profile] j_gabrielle 2016-12-05 10:01 am (UTC)(link)
[A/N: Think of the grossdepp here as he is in Mortdecai. Which is to say a bumbling idiot.]

Credence draws the line at bright blue robes with dragons and phoenixes that chase and play with every move he makes.

Grindelwald had taken one look at him and declared that he isn't taking over the room dressed in pants that barely cover his knobby ankles, of course good man we need a new wardrobe for you. And promptly Apparated them to his usual tailor who was in the middle of a... Session with a slender youth with a bored angelic face. Grindelwald had laughed when he caught the scandalised look on his face, telling him to get used to it.

Credence frowns at this. He isn't sure he wants to. But as Monsieur Poisson ushers them into a private room, he catches himself looking at the way the bored angel is still arched over the plush sofas, flicking through his magazine with palpable disinterest.

Grindelwald picks the most lurid of things, thrusting them in his arms and making him model them one by one. First comes the cashmere-wool suit that feel snug on him like second skin, which is nice. Then comes the midnight blue robes with stars that twinkle. After that a deep mahogany coat, then the sunset purple robes that shimmer and swirl. And it goes on and on until the bright blue robes which is when he folds his arms and tells Grindelwald, "No."

"But all they look good on you, m'boy." Grindelwald says, cajolingly as he accepts a glass of Firewhisky from the bored angel.

"They're not me. If you're going to dress me, at least dress me in something I would actually wear." He stands his ground.

Grindelwald rolls his eyes. Monsieur Poisson hurries in with a rack of new suits, of which the most lurid is one that looks like it is made from the same material as the midnight blue robe. "You're the devil." Credence grits out, running his hand over the lapel of the first suit. Just by looking, he already knows it will fit him perfectly.

"I like my fun. And riling you up is just that." Grindelwald shrugs, "It also does not hurt that you looked very nice in those robes." He purrs, swirling his glass. Credence shakes his head.

They walk out of the store with the suits and the robes he tried on.

RPF: Colin/Erza

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 08:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Erza made the mistake of watching Colin's sex tape. Now he can't focus on his scenes with him.

Re: RPF: Colin/Erza

(Anonymous) 2016-12-03 09:01 pm (UTC)(link)

Re: RPF: Colin/Erza

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Re: RPF: Colin/Erza

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Re: RPF: Colin/Erza

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Re: RPF: Colin/Erza

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