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Credence/Grindelwald!Graves - Obscurus wants Graves

(Anonymous) 2016-11-29 03:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Credence always repressed his lust and need for Graves. When he loses control of the Obscurus, it goes after Graves, not to attack him but to give him to Credence.

Based on this fanart:

Jacob/Newt - top!Jacob, More educational sexytimes

(Anonymous) 2016-11-29 04:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Sooo I need more of Jacob basically guiding Newt through sex and being very gentle and supportive even when Newt is being awkward as hell.

Re: Jacob/Newt - top!Jacob, More educational sexytimes

(Anonymous) 2016-11-29 05:53 pm (UTC)(link)
I'd die for this prompt

Re: Jacob/Newt - top!Jacob, More educational sexytimes

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Credence/Percival/Newt: Newt protective and a little possessive of Credence and Percy

(Anonymous) 2016-11-29 05:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Credence and Percival are recovering from their ordeals at the hands of Grindelwald under the gentle care of Newt and his many creatures. It takes a lot of patience because both Credence and Percival have issues like anxiety and loss of confidence in themselves. Percival is back at work and slowly getting back into the swing of things, but on day when Credence and Newt come to visit him, some members of the office make snide and hurtful comments about Credence, and Percival when the auror intervenes. It get really ugly until Newt, without a hint of his usual timid-like manner, cuts down the harassers with brutal yet softly spoken words before he makes a show of how both Percival and Credence are his, making him the luckiest man on earth. Both Credence and Percival later show Newt just how much the appreciate what he did in their defense.

Re: Credence/Percival/Newt: Newt protective and a little possessive of Credence and Percy

(Anonymous) 2016-11-29 05:21 pm (UTC)(link)
YES i would love to read this

platonic newt hurt/comfort

(Anonymous) 2016-11-29 05:11 pm (UTC)(link)
can't we just have newt having an anxiety attack and breaking down, and the gang (queenie, Jacob, Tina) comforting the poor boy

Re: platonic newt hurt/comfort

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Re: platonic newt hurt/comfort

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Re: platonic newt hurt/comfort

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Re: platonic newt hurt/comfort

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Credence/original!Percival Graves

(Anonymous) 2016-11-29 08:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Fluff and/or daddy kink in which the Grindalwald thing is sorted and Credence is now Mr. Graves' submissive live-in secretary/assistant, Graves' MACUSA office or home or any other setting is up to filler. Bonus points for desk fucking and almost being caught!

Re: Credence/original!Percival Graves

(Anonymous) 2016-11-30 12:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Yes please!

rpf; colin farrell and ezra miller

(Anonymous) 2016-11-29 09:34 pm (UTC)(link)
First prompt for rpf? Come on guys.

Based on this gifset:

You can't tell me that Ezra didn't have a crush on Colin during filming of their scenes. Some daddy kink would be great with Colin taking the lead.

Re: rpf; colin farrell and ezra miller

(Anonymous) 2016-11-30 04:55 am (UTC)(link)
omg, that video. ezra is so outgoing now, i love it!

Re: rpf; colin farrell and ezra miller

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Re: rpf; colin farrell and ezra miller

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Real!Graves/Newt - Fake/Pretend Relationship

(Anonymous) 2016-11-29 09:40 pm (UTC)(link)
I don't know why or how I just NEED it.

Maybe Newt goes to another sketchy bar to buy and save black market creatures and gets in over his head - then Graves to the rescue.

Maybe Newt wants to see Tina and they just will NOT let him get to her office, and the Graves is just wrapping an arm around his waist and telling the guard it's fine.

Go wild with the scenarios I just need it!

5 times they pretend to be a couple and 1 time they actually were.

Re: Real!Graves/Newt - Fake/Pretend Relationship

(Anonymous) 2016-11-29 10:16 pm (UTC)(link)

Re: Real!Graves/Newt - Fake/Pretend Relationship

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Re: Real!Graves/Newt - Fake/Pretend Relationship

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McGonagall - Magical Toddler Shenanigans

(Anonymous) 2016-11-29 10:39 pm (UTC)(link)
So, Minerva McGonagall would have been about four years old in 1926 - Albus Dumbledore, around 45. For some unknown Dumbledore-esque reason, he brings tiny McGonagall to New York to visit the Goldsteins, Jacob, and Newt (who's stayed there with them because AU - maybe Credence is there too if that floats your boat?)... but she begins to cause Magical Chaos™ and it's a fun time trying to chase down Force Of Nature Scottish Toddler. Cute, fluffy, funny!

Newt/Percival/Credence: Sentinal Percival and reluctant guides Newt and Credence

(Anonymous) 2016-11-29 11:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Percival is one of MACUSA's strongest aurors, but he's also one of the strongest sentinels too, so strong that he'll need two guides. Newt and Credence are unbound guides whose paths happen to cross one night in London. Newt is extremely protective of Credence, who went through hell at his adoptive mother's hands. Together they come to New York en route to freeing Frank the thunderbird in Arizona. The creatures escape and this Percival finally meets the pair. He knows instantly that these two are his guides, but both Newt and Credence flee, both of them under the misconception that all sentinels are awful. They don't realize that Percival has to bond with them or he'll die. Percival chases after Newt and Credence, protecting them from the other aurors and running interference whenever they catch one of the escaped creatures, all the while growing weaker and weaker. The chasing ends all the way in Arizona where Newt and Credence free Frank but just as they're about to leave, Percival shows up, barely clinging to life. With whatever strength he has left, Percival gives his guides a means to escape. Newt and Credence are stunned by Percival's willingness to let them go. Realizing they were wrong about Percival they choose to stay, and not a moment to soon as Percival finally collapses. Newt and Credence now have to hurry and do all in their power to save Percival, their sentinel.

Graves/Newt - Established relationship and deception

(Anonymous) 2016-11-29 11:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Newt and Graves - the real Graves - met before the events of the film. Graves is a friend of Newt's brother, and he too was on the Eastern Front during the war. They met, fell in love, and are basically engaged, or as near to it as two men can come in the 1920s. (Rowling has said that wizards, while immensely bigoted about Muggles, have an entirely separate set of prejudices and so don't mind homosexuality at all, so it might be possible for two wizards to marry in the 1920s, even if not for two Muggles.) Newt did not warn Graves that he was coming to New York, as he knew full well that what he was doing was immensely illegal and didn't want to get Graves into trouble. Now he's been arrested, and his fiancé is acting as if they don't even know each other. Because one thing Grindlewald does not know and the real Graves has not been tortured into telling him is that Graves and Newt were involved (Graves is so profoundly private naturally that his colleagues don't even know he has a fiancé). Newt knows there's something very, very wrong here. Now, all he has to do is figure out what.
Bonus points for:
- Queenie reading this straight out of Newt's mind when they first meet. Jacob's reaction to this, considering it's the '20s. Maybe not homophobic, but definitely surprised at it being discussed so openly.
- Newt having to awkwardly explain the whole thing and how he knew Graves wasn't Graves at the end.

Re: Graves/Newt - Established relationship and deception

(Anonymous) 2016-11-29 11:31 pm (UTC)(link)
Someone write this ASAP!

Graves/Grindelwald, Other- Not One to Share, h/c, angst, twisted relationship, dubcon

(Anonymous) 2016-11-29 11:46 pm (UTC)(link)
The real Graves is a fighter. After being rescued from wherever Grindelwald was keeping him, Graves throws himself back into his work. Even when Grindelwald breaks out, he still keeps living his life. But being an auror means coming into contact with unsavory characters on a daily basis. One or more criminals land Graves in the hospital. Of course it's in all the newspapers. And then Grindelwald comes back and kills Graves' attackers, because he doesn't like anyone else playing with his toy. This scares Graves more than anything.

Re: Graves/Grindelwald, Other- Not One to Share, h/c, angst, twisted relationship, dubcon

(Anonymous) 2016-12-02 07:39 am (UTC)(link)
Ooooh this has potential! I hope its filled.

trans boy credence

(Anonymous) 2016-11-29 11:50 pm (UTC)(link)
peep the title. i just need trans man credence in my life, regardless of the context. i don'( care whether it's nsfw or whatever pairing you write (if you choose to involve a pairing), just no graves/credence.

Credence, Modesty- All That's Left, h/c, angst, family

(Anonymous) 2016-11-30 12:20 am (UTC)(link)
After, the incident in the subway, Credence boards a ship for England. But not before picking up his little sister. Modesty goes with him because, no matter what he did, he's her brother, and they're the only family they have left.

Please no Credence/Modesty. Just a brother-sister relationship.
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Mini-Fill: Credence, Modesty- All That's Left, h/c, angst, family

[personal profile] j_gabrielle 2016-11-30 09:20 am (UTC)(link)
He stands with Modesty on the deck. They keep their eyes on the Lady. Silently side by side with each other, they stand there until all that they knew is but a dark smudge on the horizon. They will never see this again.

Credence gives a wonder to what Modesty must be thinking. Half a day ago, he'd showed up in front of her, coaxing her to come with him. Their tickets were stolen from two drunkards passed out on a park bench. A brief check of their lodgings found them in the company of a tired father travelling with his toddler. It doesn't matter anyways. They have an unspoken agreement to keep to themselves.

Modesty leans over the railing, looking at the waves. "What will England be like?"

Credence tucks his hands into his pockets. "Cold, I expect."

"What will we do there?"

"I don't know. Haven't figured it out yet." He replies before swallowing down a bitter bile that rises in his throat, "I'm sorry. That was a lie. I-I heard that there's a school there. For people like me." Modesty says nothing, kicking her legs out behind her.

"Credence? Do you think they'll let us stay together when you get there?"

He doesn't an answer to offer her. Truth be told, there is no small amount of fear in him at the thought of seeking out his kind. But one thing he knows is that he will hurt anyone who tries to take Modesty away from him. "C'mon." Credence says, holding his hand out to her, "We should get into our room. Dinner will be served in an hour." Modesty eyes his hand before looking right into his eyes.

"We'll be fine. Won't we?" She asks. The wind whips her hair around her. "You won't hurt us."

"I hope so." He replies quietly. Modesty waits a beat before sliding her hand into his, holding on tight.

They turn, walking back towards the stairs. Completely unaware of the man in the blue coat who watches them curiously.

AO3 Link

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Original!Graves/Credence, Love Potion/Spell

(Anonymous) 2016-11-30 01:06 am (UTC)(link)
I don't know or really care about the circumstances.

Maybe one of Newt's creatures has venom that functions as an incredibly powerful aphrodisiac and it got out too; maybe that new intern for the Department of Magical Transportation slipped some amortentia into Graves' morning coffee but somehow fucked it up. Again, don't really care.

I just really need Real!Graves being dosed with something and either suddenly developing a burning need for Credence or said burning need already being present but he was suppressing it for ~reasons~.

But I need me some love potion shenanigans! (Could be smutty, could be feelsy, could be both. Maybe even a little angst, but not TOO much, you know?)

((Also, completely unrelated, but am I the only one who REALLY wants to be sarcastic when giving the captcha answers??))
j_gabrielle: (Default)

Re: Original!Graves/Credence, Love Potion/Spell

[personal profile] j_gabrielle 2016-11-30 09:31 am (UTC)(link)
You're not the only one and also, YES. To this prompt.

Original!Graves/Credence, Prostitution AU

(Anonymous) 2016-11-30 01:19 am (UTC)(link)
Could go a couple different ways.

1. I love me some prostitute!Credence, so that'd be oodles of fun. Maybe instead of the Barebones being Second Salemers, Mary Lou adopts lots of children so she can eventually whore them out? Or maybe Credence eventually ran the fuck away from Mary Lou and is a prostitute to support himself? (Canon divergence or modern AU is fine, no preference.)

2. I just thought of this, but a modern AU with Graves as a pretty high-end escort who's hired by a friend of Credence's (Newt, maybe?) to accompany him to some kind of important event (a gala or something, I dunno, because Credence is like a tech genius or whatever). Graves is getting paid, so he doesn't really care, and Credence is so goddamn scatterbrained (or just plain shy) that he doesn't realize that Graves is an escort until he starts kissing him/tries to initiate sex.

Bonus points!
-Whoever plays the part of the prostitute is actually completely willing and, in fact, intent on servicing the other for free!
-Credence doesn't have that godawful hair from the movies because literally none of these AUs require it! (Please get rid of the hair, it pains my soul...)

FILL: pretty little head (1/?)

(Anonymous) 2016-11-30 06:13 pm (UTC)(link)
kind of a mishmash of your prompts, hope it's cool. i kept the prostitution part intact, at least.


Sunday evenings are for the congregation. Credence marks the dates on the cheap calendar he has hanging over his bed, the corners of the pages worn smooth from frequent thumbing. Downstairs, the broken baby piano struggles through the hymns as Chastity practices for the dinner prayers. Modesty, pretending to be getting dressed for supper next door, clacks around in her brand-new shoes.

The soles are pressed cork, with rubber soles. A fairly expensive pair, considering the budget of a non-denominational church like their own.

Credence can afford it for her, for now. He's a few hundred short before he can buy that ticket out of New York, to parts of America yet unknown to him. Mother had asked about the shoes -- he'd said they were donated, from a couple driving through Harlem. Mother seemed to have doubted that answer, but shoes are shoes, and the pair fit Modesty perfectly.

Credence wonders if he can afford to take her with him when he leaves. When, not if.

He marks an X on today's date, scratches it off the calendar, and wonders how many times he'll have to be on his knees this week to make up the difference for the shoes.


"Commissioner! Could I have a word!"

Percival Graves, Commissioner General for the New York Aurors Department of the MACUSA, sighs with aggravation into his morning coffee. He's had three hours of sleep at the most, and there's a lingering ache somewhere behind his ear that he isn't sure is a migraine or the side effects of a hex that hit him two nights before. He jams the elevator's button a few times as Det. Tina Goldstein's heels click behind him in hurried steps. Using the reflective surface of the elevator doors to see behind him, Graves sees that she has folders trapped in one arm and a small briefcase swinging wildly with the other. A very familiar flyer is sticking out of one folder; Graves prays, wills with his mind for the elevator to hurry up.

"Good morning, Tina," he greets her, not waiting for her to catch her breath. His voice rough from lack of sleep and four cigarettes smoked one right after another. "It's not even seven. I'm not going to hear about the New Salemers today, right, Tina?"

"Sir, Mr. Commissioner—" There's a plaintiveness to Tina's voice this morning. She draws a deep breath, a speech obviously prepared judging from her demeanor, but Graves cuts her off before she can go through his entire service record in some attempt to pander to his pride.

He won't deny he has one. He just doesn't have the patience for it today.

"Two minutes, Tina."

"It's the children, sir. The mother—"

He drowns out the rest, soon as he realizes that he's heard this before. Eight hours ago, to be exact; Tina Goldstein is nothing if not tenacious. Graves drains his paper cup, mulling over a response just as the elevator finally decides to arrive. The squat, frowning house elf manning the post today isn't Red, and Graves files the observation for later. He steps into elevator, hauling Tina in by the arm. It jostles some of the folders she's holding, but her reflexes catch the slack without missing a beat.

It makes him almost smile. Despite her demotion from Special Investigations to Community Disturbances, Tina's instincts haven't tarnished.

"Remind me again why I agreed to let you re-open the New Salemers case."

Tina's lips purse into a thin line. Meanwhile, the elevator careens to the Special Investigations floor, the floor numbers flicking by on a little gold panel abovehead. Graves catches the glint of longing in Tina's eyes as they near his floor - just his, now, and the handful of Aurors Tina used to work with - and not for the first time he considers giving President Picquery a very colorful piece of his mind about Tina's demotion.

"The New Salemers are a potential danger to the magical community because of the incendiary nature of their, ah, preaching—"

"Hate speech. You can say it, Tina. We're not in front of the board."

"That's exactly the problem! I need to meet with the board, sir!" The Auror's voice pitches high, just as the elevator shunts to a stop and the doors start folding aside to let passengers off. "They've moved from speeches to public demonstrations and Mary Lou Barebone has been using the kids under her care to—"

"That's not enough." Graves disembarks while shrugging his coat off, handing it and his empty cup to a waiting Abernathy. "Give me something I can squeeze on, Tina. Hell, give me something we can Obliviate, but until then—" He waves her goodbye as the elevator door shuts, Tina's audible protests folding over one another in a flurry of words.

Despite appearances, Graves is fond of the girl. Strong-willed, bull-headed, exceptionally keen. The mishap that led to her demotion had simply been... misguided. Graves shakes his head, his disappointment at her demotion still lingering after all these months. She would've made good work in Special Investigations.

"All right. Everybody, to me," he claps as he steps into the middle of the floor's bull pen. A whole section of the back wall serves as his backdrop - the wall is papered from the high ceiling to the carpeted floor with maps, pictures, and various notes, colored strings pinned to places as they all pull in to center on a card with one name written on it: Gellert Grindelwald. Graves unbuttons his cuffs, rolls his sleeves up, and takes the fresh cup of coffee Abernathy's already prepared for him. "Where are we on Grindelwald?"

The room erupts into a cacophony of eager voices.

This is going to be a long day, Graves thinks, and drains his cup in one go.


The Woolworth Building looms high, casting a tall shadow in the middle of a hot Monday afternoon. Credence prefers to stand across from the building, at the corner with the street signs and stop light; there's a concession stand downwind and a storefront nearby with a strong airconditioning system; if he stands in a particular spot, the heat won't press so much against his back, and he could play a guessing game on what's for sale from the stand today.

They don't have a television in the church. No cellular phones, either. The one radio in the church remains strictly locked up in Mother's room, to be turned on only during Fridays and Saturdays so they could listen to the sermons from the Christian station one burrough over.

This is what passes for his entertainment, as he hands out flyers for the New Salem Philanthropic Society, his mother's church. Mother, he thinks a touch unkindly. Mary Lou Barebone is as much his mother as she is Chastity's or Modesty's - but she's all they have. So are the welts still stinging under his shirt from last night's punishment, when he didn't quite meet his quota of flyers given out that day.

Credence's back hurts. His knees still ache.

"Would you like to hear about the New Salem Philanthropic Society, sir?" He asks a grey-haired man as he holds a pamphlet out. "What about you, Ma'am, would you like to hear about our church?"

The crowd simply swerves around him. Credence perseveres like this for another two hours, until a man in a three-piece suit stops in front of him. His face is reedy, with blotched skin around the nose, and there's a slight droop around his waist. A faint recognition flickers across the man's expression, at the same moment Credence recognizes him.

"Would you like to hear about our church, sir," Credence offers, but not with the voice he uses when he's standing behind the pulpit with his sisters in tow. He tucks a stray fringe away from his eyes, looking up at the man with a half-lidded gaze. "It won't take a while. Just a minute of your time."

The man in the suit gawps, like an unattractive fish, but caves all the same.


Credence spits twice into the gutter. The man shorted him, but Credence managed to tuck four pamphlets into his jacket.

It's a fair enough trade, as far as he's concerned.


Time stops meaning anything.

At least that's what Graves would like to think, at half-past eleven, as the pile of "tips" they've received over the week regarding Grindelwald's whereabouts continues to grow like an enormous fungus. It's even started to eat up space on Tina's empty desk, the position left unoccupied despite Picquery's insistence to hire someone. He doesn't have to hire anyone when there's a perfectly good detective eighteen floors down that should be sitting there.

Graves sighs again. He's itching for a cigarette, but the new regulations won't allow it.

"Abernathy," he calls out, flagging the secretary as he passes with a flick of his fingers. The boy - for he couldn't be anything else, fresh-faced and barely in his twenties - all but runs up to him, eager to please. (Graves would not be opposed to seeing this eagerness outside of work, but— there are rules. EVen if it's just a one-off.) "Don't you have anywhere to be tonight?"

"No, sir," the boy answers brightly, if a bit confusedly. "Do you need me for anything, Commissioner?"

"Sort these papers on my desk in order of priority for week, and cancel my meeting tomorrow with the President." The boy blanches - Graves almost laughs at the look. "If her secretary gives you grief, handle it."

"Sir? We've already rescheduled the meeting four times—"

"Reschedule again," Graves replies, and this time he smiles - all teeth, barely amused. "If the president wants the meeting, she'll find a way."

Abernathy's eyes widen to near-comical proportions. Graves gets up off his desk, pats the boy on the shoulder, and calls for his coat and scarf. "Where are you going, sir?" There's an audible note of panic in Abernathy's voice, this time.

"To smoke. Get some sleep. Anything that gets me out of this fucking building."

Graves is already tapping out a cigarette before he's stepped out of the elevator, fingers ready to snap a little fire once he's reached the short awning that serves as de facto smoking corner for the department. The corner is glamoured against No-Majs, as their laws prohibit any public smoking entirely, but the glamour doesn't necessarily hide them from sight. No-Maj eyes only slide over them, conveniently forgetting about whichever wizard happens to be standing there.

It's convenient enough. Graves takes two long pulls, savoring the bitter smoke and the nicotine rush. Tonight is a cold night - the wind picks up harshly, pushing Graves' coat open and his scarf afray before he can spell an invisible wall to shield him from the breeze.

That's when he notices the boy.

He's a slight little thing, with an uneven haircut that's been grown into, the remnants of a severe bowlcut softened by passage of time. The boy's cheeks are a high pink, possibly from the weather, and his clothes look handed down at least twice.

He also has a very familiar pamphlet in hand.

Curious, Graves thinks, dropping his stick to the floor and putting it out with his heel. He taps out a second, lighting up as he makes his way across the street.

"You, boy!" He calls out. Graves' voice startles the young man, even prompting him to step back as if he's done wrong, but a soft resolve forms in him. The boy doesn't walk away. "What's that you got there?"

"The work of God, sir," the boy replies - his voice is deeper than Graves had expected. "Would you like to hear about—"

"How about you skip the script, get to the good part about the witches?"

The boy, with his hand (and pamphlet) held out in front of him, blinks at him in bemusement. "You're familiar with the church?"

"You're the New Salemers."

"Mother Barebone disapproves of that name, but yes." There's a slight furrow to the boy's frown now; if Graves had to guess, the boy isn't used to being paid attention to. "We're seeking the enlightment of the people against the threat of witches creeping through the city right under our noses."

"Do you believe in witches, then?"

At this, the boy's eyes harden. It's a stark look on the boy. "I believe there is evil in this world, sir."

"And witches are a part of it."

"Among many things, sir."

Graves draws a deep pull off his cigarette, eyes watchful on the boy. This is Tina's case - he can see why her concern had been flourishing unabated, if all the Barebone children under the wretched Mary Lou's care are as undernourished as this boy. Graves blows smoke out on the exhale; the wind picks up again, and drags the smoke right into the boy's face. He sucks a breath through his teeth. "Sorry about the smoke."

"It's fine," the young man says, though he coughs once. "If you'll take a pamphlet—"

"Oh, you'll call it even?" The boy smiles - Graves is sure of it, even if he thinks he may have made it up, the smile having come and gone in the blink of an eye. He takes the pamphlet from the boy's outstretched hand all the same. "How about you tell me your name and I'll take the rest of those flyers off you?"

Without missing a beat, the boy replies. "Credence Barebone, sir."

Credence - what a strange name for a boy. Graves takes the sheaf of pamphlets from the boy's hands, and as the boy's sleeve rides up his arm Graves doesn't miss the faint scars running up the boy's wrists. The boy - Credence - doesn't notice that he's noticed.

"Well, then. Credence. Let's not see you on this corner again at this time of night, shall we?"

Credence definitely smiles now, but it's not a happy smile. There's a deep sadness etched into the corners of the boy's mouth - something about it makes Graves want to wipe it off with his fingers, to brush it away like errant dirt. "Would that I could, mister - the Lord's work does not rest."


SENT: 11:47 PM
History of abuse re: Barebone children?

SENT: 11:48 PM
Well-documented in No-Maj court, but no arrests were ever made. Are you looking into my files, Commissioner?

SENT: 12:21 PM
Just curious. Look into it.

SENT: 12:21 PM
I knew you heard me. Sir. I won't let you down.

SENT: 12:29 PM
Fucks' sake, Tina.

SENT: 12:21 PM

SENT: 12:29 PM
Don't make me fire you.


(i'll try to get the sex in for the next part, this intro got away from me >_>; )

OP: Fucking Thrilled!

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Re: FILL: pretty little head (1/?)

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Re: FILL: pretty little head (1/?)

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FILL: pretty little head (2a/?)

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FILL: pretty little head (2b/?)

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My kingdom for a Fright Night AU - vampire Graves originally wanting to just feed but being seduced by Credence's sweetness and naivety, which turns into a protective thing then hopefully a healthy happy relationship. As much as a vampire/human relationship can be that is.

Re: Graves/Credence

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This... actually kinda speaks to me? I'm loving the whole seductive!Colin from the Fright Night trailer, so I think I'm gonna... try this? Cross our fingers?

Re: Graves/Credence

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Re: Graves/Credence

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Re: Graves/Credence

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Dumbledore/Grindelwald- Bad Idea

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Grindelwald breaks out and decides that he wants Dumbledore back. Afraid Dumbledore won't take him as he is because a) Dumbledore was locked him up in the first place, and b) Grindelwald's not exactly in his prime, Grindelwald transfigures himself into a young, attractive man and sets about arranging a "chance" encounter with the Headmaster of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They quickly become friends and Grindelwald thinks that it's only a matter of time before they take things to the next level, when Dumbledore says that he can't be anything but friends with him because he's still in love with someone he met when he was much younger, and doesn't think he can love anyone else.
Oops. Now Grindelwald's not sure what to do. Does he reveal himself and risk Albus's wrath at being deceived, continue in the hopes that Dumbeldore changes his mind, or just have his alter ego disappear so Grindelwald can turn up as himself?


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Obligatory part-veela prompt!!! Im not picky with who or how many people newt ends up with but if youve ever read a veela fic these are common tropes for inspiration:

-lots of people finding newt really hot and doing ridiculous things to catch his attention
-newt finds out who his mate is and they form a bond; if they dont consummate it he will die
-newt getting special abilities that are enhanced whenever he gets emotional

Re: Veela!Newt/any

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Omg i want this so badly!!!!

Re: Veela!Newt/any

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Any/Credence, Credence's Mother Was A Boggart

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When Mary Lou said that Credence's mother was a "wicked, unnatural woman," she had no idea how right she was. Credence was the result of a boggart attacking a man who was absolutely terrified of women, or something like that.

This biological background was what allowed him to have control over the obscurus for as long as he did, but eventually even that would have failed him, and it probably would have killed him.

Luckily for him, Credence wasn't the first half-human/half-boggart Newt had come across.

Wherever you want to take this is cool with me- it can be cracky, with Credence learning belatedly that oh shit, he can shapeshift into something that ISN'T the obscurus. It could be angsty- being magical would have been bad enough, but learning he's the literal bogeyman? Or, you could give poor Credence a little love, and have his partner actually like the fact that he can change forms at will.

Re: Any/Credence, Credence's Mother Was A Boggart

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i second the shit out of this

Re: Any/Credence, Credence's Mother Was A Boggart

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Credence/Graves - Wand Kink

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Credence is so fascinated every time Graves shows him magic - it's beautiful and powerful and everything Credence wants.

He's especially fascinated by Graves' wand, and so wants his hero to let him feel it...

Take it light, take it dark, just take it!

Real!Graves/Newt - Graves Undercover, possible dub-con

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I want Graves undercover in some situation, hanging out with criminals and the like trying to gather information. Then Newt shows up at the wrong place at the wrong time for god knows why (Graves would like to know why as well), and he ends up getting threatened. Graves has to try to get him out unscathed.

How this goes down is up to you. Whether it's pretend they're together, or act like he doesn't know Newt, going along with the people he's trying to get info on. But of course Graves tries to pick the safest option for Newt and makes sure he's ok afterwards (cue worried!protective!Graves). I'd prefer no non-con, but dub-con is fine, if it's Graves and not the creepers.

Grindelwald/Newt - Soulmates, dark

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Everyone has a soulmate and, once you've touched, you initiate your bond. Good for you! Soulmates are wonderful, lovely things. They make you happy, they help you realize your full magical potential, and you literally cannot survive being separated for too long-- well, aside from that last thing, soul bonds are great! Unless your bond is incomplete, then things kind of get suck-y. Y'know. What with the whole dying slowly thing that happens.

Meanwhile, in the wild lands of not!EuropeorAmerica...

Following a brief moment of contact in the train station, a horrified Newt realizes that Grindelwald is his soulmate. So Newt does what any sane wizard would do: Newt gets the hell out of Dodge. He tells Tina and the others that he's going back to England, but in reality he's going as far away from civilization as possible to live out the agony of an incomplete bond with the magical creatures he adores. At the very least, Newt's death will mean no more Grindelwald.

Meanwhile, in America...

It's a bit of an understatement to say that Grindelwald's pretty pissed when he gets away from the MACUSA.

For whatever reason, Grindelwald isn't aware of the incomplete bond; he just knows the lanky wizard with the magical creatures is the reason why his plan failed. The first thing he decides to do is track down the reason for his capture and make him... regret his decisions. He feels a bit weird, but that's probably due to the shit food the MACUSA fed him for the past few months. Honestly, Grindelwald doesn't think anything of that weird feeling until he's face-to-face with his newest nemesis and everything just clicks.

Again, pissed is kind of an understatement for what Grindelwald's feeling. Especially now that he's found his run away soulmate.

Bonus: Grindelwald's feeling a lot of conflicting feelings here. He doesn't want to pnermenatly damage his soulmate, but he's pretty sore about a) the whole ruined plot thing and b) the fact that Newt absconded with the intention of killing both of them. Regardless, he's relatively sure he can make Newt regret the last 6 months of his existence without killing or maiming him.

Bonus 2: Newt tries to escape at some point and fails horribly. Grindelwald reminds him of his new place in the world.

Re: Grindelwald/Newt - Soulmates, dark

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Re: Grindelwald/Newt - Soulmates, dark

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Re: Grindelwald/Newt - Soulmates, dark

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Newt/anyone, rough blowjobs or more

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Can't believe I'm saying this about sweet ol' Newt, but I... really want to see the everloving shit fucked out of him. Most fics characterize him as a nervous, awkward sweetheart in bed, and I love that, but I'd also love to see him absolutely gagging for it and loving every second of being absolutely debauched. I'd love some hardcore face-fucking (bonus points for a facial), preferably with begging, name-calling, and/or slight humilation (making him call himself a slut, etc). Feel free to let him get that twink ass pounded, too, if you're up for it.

Re: Newt/anyone, rough blowjobs or more

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Yes yes yes

Re: Newt/anyone, rough blowjobs or more

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Re: Newt/anyone, rough blowjobs or more

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Newt/Anyone, size kink

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It turns out Newt's spectacularly hung, but of course he's shy about it, because he's Newt. But his partner (I'm partial to Credence) just basks in his giant cock's glory.

Newt's surprised he can fit it all in.

Newt with sensitive nipples

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what it says on the tin, please. pairing can be any/newt but i am partial to jacob/newt.

Re: Newt with sensitive nipples

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Re: Newt with sensitive nipples

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