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Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 1/?

Newt put off feeding his latest acquisition for last, so that he could spend more time with him without the others getting restless. It was always a bit awkward getting used to a new creature. It took time figuring their needs and habits, not to mention the things that pleased or upset them. The fact that he and the newcomer were technically the same species really didn’t change that.

Newt had never been all that good with humans.

Thankfully, Credence didn’t mind being treated like the other creatures. He accepted without a word when Newt invited him into the suitcase. He didn’t complain when Newt cast the spells to create a space for him. He didn’t comment when Newt carefully touched his wand to him and keyed the new room to respond to Credence’s desires. In fact, Credence didn’t talk at all for the first week. He was too busy being a tiny puff of smoke.

“I’ve brought eggs and tomatoes,” said Newt, conjuring the dish from the kitchen into his hand on a silver plate with a matching cover. He entered Credence’s den.

It was a dreary place. Dark, dank, empty, and cavelike. There were patches of slimy water on the ground. Credence was hiding in a nook in the ceiling. Newt looked about for a clean place to put the dish down. Finding none, he waved his wand and summoned a sturdy Victorian table with legs like griffin’s hindquarters. A matching chair appeared beside it.

“There,” said Newt with some satisfaction. “I shall put this right here for you and you can come down from there and eat like a good … human.”

Credence wafted a bit uncertainly, but didn’t come anywhere close to the plate.

“Oh come now,” said Newt trying his best to sound reasonable with just a bit of sternness. “You can’t keep up like that. You’ve had your sulk, now it’s time to pull yourself together. Eat some food. It’s good for you.”

Credence flared out into a mess of angry and dangerous looking spikes.

Newt put his hands on his hips. “Don’t get tetchy with me. And don’t think you can frighten me with all that posturing. I’ve put up with far more headstrong creatures than you.” He clapped his hands. “That’s it. Come down, this moment.”

To Newt’s infinite relief, Credence softened his spikes and drifted down to hover over the table. But then he grew droopy and faded and indecisive.

“Now, now, you’ve been a human for 18 years, don’t pretend you’ve forgotten how.”

Smaller spikes of irritation rippled out, but then, at last, the smoke settled on the ground and reformed into a human. Credence was still wearing the dreary muggle outfit Newt had seen him in last, but he seemed thinner and older and his stoop was lower.

“Oh, thank god,” said Newt. Then got ahold of himself before Credence could lose confidence and return to a puff ball again. “Sit, sit.”

Credence obeyed. Newt vanished the lid and watched with satisfaction as the young man gobbled up the food hungrily.

While he ate, the room began to transform around them. The floor dried up, and gritty mud and stone turned into dusty wood. The cavern roof grew rafters and cobwebs. An uncomfortable cot materialized some feet away, and within minutes they were in what was unmistakably someone’s attic.

Well, that was an improvement… of sorts.

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