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Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 6/?

(Anonymous) 2016-12-11 01:47 am (UTC)(link)
There was only one person at Hogwarts that Newt trusted. He found Dumbledore’s office on the seventh floor, a short, curved flight of stairs up from the Transfigurations classroom. It was a homey place full of threadbare furniture and mismatched cabinets where Dumbledore kept the tangibles for his classes. There had been a rumor, back in Newt’s Hogwarts days, that Dumbledore had an invisible chest somewhere that contained items that the Ministry of Magic had deemed too dangerous to legally possess, but that was just scandalous gossip, like as not.

All along one wall was a large glass display case full of unusually and amusingly shaped oddities, the results of years of unfixable student mistakes. Harmless as it was, Newt always thought that enshrining mistakes was bit mean spirited. For the first time, he considered them in a different light: not as mistakes, but as surprises. After all, forgetting unwanted results came with it’s own sort of cruelty. Perhaps there was some new use in them.

“Good afternoon,” came a voice from behind him.

Newt turned around. Albus Dumbledore sat comfortably in an overstuffed armchair where he hadn’t been just a moment before. He was sporting beard trimmed to a rakish point and his rusty-brown hair curled neatly around his shoulders. Other than that he looked much like he had three years earlier when Newt had last seen him.

“What brings you by to visit?” Albus asked warmly. “Tea?” A silver tray with two china cups, a carafe of cream and a bowl of sugar appeared on the table between them, along with an assortment of fancy biscuits and sliver-thin sandwiches.

Newt felt the old flustered feeling grab hold of his tongue. “No, thank you. It’s not a social call. It’s actually a rather delicate matter. I need—“

Albus raised his hand and looked about the room. “Shh.”

Newt shushed.

“I see you brought a very charming suitcase. May I examine it?”

Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 7/?

(Anonymous) 2016-12-11 01:48 am (UTC)(link)
Newt mutely handed him the case. Dumbledore opened it with two flips of his thumbs and glanced down inside. “How wonderful. You’ve quite the set up down there. Is that a kitchen? Do you mind?”

Newt opened his mouth and shut it. He was hoping Dumbledore would come down and see Credence but he wasn’t expecting Dumbledore to anticipate him. He’d rather hoped to soften Dumbledore up to the notion of Credence a bit first. But Dumbledore never did what people expected him to, which was what made him, as much as his skill with spells, so formidable. After an awkward hesitation, Newt said, “Yes, please. Absolutely.”

“I so enjoy seeing proper extra-dimensional spells in practice. So elegant. So practical. Hungarian design is it not?” Dumbledore gently set the case on the stained and ratty Persian rug and carefully stepped inside. Newt watched him sink slowly but gracefully, obviously not using the stair, but some levitation spell.

“It’s charming,” Dumbledor’s voice called up. “Do let’s have our tea in here.” The tea tray rose up and followed Dumbledore down. Newt hesitated a moment out of sheer befuddlement, but then stepped into the case himself. There was nothing doing but to join in.

To his infinite thankfulness, Credence was not in the kitchen. Newt had worried that Credence might be so eager for a look at Hogwarts that he’d ignore Newt’s instruction to stay in his room. Dumbledore had made himself comfortable at the wooden table and was sipping his tea when Newt climbed down.

“Do shut the lid if you don’t mind. Seeing my ceiling way up there is a little disconcerting.”

Newt shut the lid, then joined Dumbledore at the table.

“Sorry about imposing on you this way,” said Albus gently, “But a few of the paintings in my room are terrible gossips and you seemed to want to speak privately.”

Newt nodded. Now that he was with Dumbledore he found his throat tightening up again. That awkwardness he always felt around people had reached up to strangle the words right out of him. Funny how he hadn’t felt that around Credence at all. Perhaps because Credence was even more tongue tied than he was.

“Out with it,” said Dumbledore with a firmer edge. “Or would you rather I tell you what I already know? Oh, Newt, you have gotten yourself involved with quite a string of messes lately. I read something about your managerie escaping and causing havoc at a zoo. Or perhaps robbing a muggle bank? Is that what has got you in such a fluster? Or … perhaps it is none of that. There was also this unfortunate affair with Grindelwald going on at the same time that rather dwarfed all that nonsense. Is that why you came to see me?”

“Yes, uh, yes, but no,” fumbled Newt. “That’s not why I came to see you, though maybe, now that you mention it, it would be something to understand as well. I heard that you and he knew each other. He mentioned your name when we met.”

Dumbledore smiled beatifically. “Did he now. Said nothing good about me, I’m sure.”

“Not exact— no. He didn’t seem to care for you much.”

“He wouldn’t. Jealousy is an ugly emotion.” Dumbledore looked graver. “But what business did he have with you? I’m worried that you came to his attention at all. “

“I didn’t mean to.”

“I advise you to stay away from him as much as possible. He is far more dangerous than he seems and he is extremely persistent when it comes to getting what he wants. He can be quite seductive as well when he puts his mind to it. Do not fall for him.”

Newt let out a breath. “No, he wasn’t after me. He didn’t want me. I got in his way, that’s all.”

“Then you are very lucky to be alive. But I wouldn’t be so quick to think that was all there was between you. I’ve heard some mutterings in dark corners that some of Grindelwald followers are still looking for you.”

“They are — why?”

“You did defeat him.”

“Well, yes there is that. But,” blurted Newt, “It might be something else. I have something that he wanted.”

Dumbledore raised his eyebrows. “Oh dear. That thought hadn’t occurred to me. And that’s why you are here — to give it to me?”

“No! It’s not an it. It’s a he. I’ll — wait here. I’ll bring him out.”

Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 8/?

(Anonymous) 2016-12-11 01:49 am (UTC)(link)
That turned out to be more difficult than Newt anticipated. After all the anticipation, Credence had become unexpectedly horridly shy. He refused to leave his room. He huddled inside his attic, clinging to one of the rafters as if it were a life line, his black hair nearly completely obscuring his face.

“What if he tells,” he whispered. “I’m a murderer. I did horrible things. Will they come after me and lock me up or … or kill me?”

“Nothing of the sort,” said Newt. “Not Albus Dumbledore! He’s not one to just follow rules blindly. He has compassion for those of us who have fallen. He can help you far more than I can. I trust him, implicitly.”

“But I don’t want him to help me.” Credence met his eye, pleading. “I want to stay with you.

Newt grabbed Credence’s arm and tugged. “Hush. I’ve explained this. I can’t teach you. I do not teach. And you have to be taught.”

Credence pulled away with surprising force.

That precise moment, the stack of books on the floor by the bed exploded. There was an ear splitting crack and the air was filled with ink dotted confetti. Both of them flinched.

Newt was horrified. Those books belonged to Newt’s rather stodgy uncle in Froghold who agreed to allow Newt to borrow them out of a mild sense of familial duty. There must be a hundred thousand pieces of paper fluttering like snow in a globe about the room. It would be an impossible task to sort it all out. Nor could he afford to replace the books. Saving creatures was hardly a lucrative business in the best of times and Newts trip to America had all but bankrupted him. Uncle Olm might never forgive him.

Credence seemed to realize his mistake and threw himself on the floor, covering his face with his arms as if expecting a blow.

Before Newt could do anything, the fragments in the air seemed to gather in a strong draft and sweep together, sorting themselves out and mending before returning to a neat stack on the end table. Newt looked at Credence and Credence hearing his gasp peeked out between his fingers. Both realized quickly that neither of them were responsible.

“Quite sorry for barging about uninvited,” said Dumbledore mildly from the doorway, “But my time is limited and it seems we do have things to discuss.” He walked over to where Credence cringed on the floor and held out a hand. “Up you get, my young man.”

Newt’s tongue tied again. “He’s — This is —“

“I know who he is. Though I must confess to some surprise that he’s alive. It’s not many who can survive a death attack by a dozen aurers. He must have a very strong will to live.”

Credence just stared, obviously unsure whether he was being complimented or not.

Dumbledore patted his arm lightly. “You needn’t be frightened of me. I won’t tell the Ministry about you.” He turned to Newt. “You’ve been smart not to let him out of the suitcase. It’s not safe for him. Not until we establish a new identity for him and change his appearance somewhat.”

“He has to learn magic.”

“Well of course he does. Soon as possible. You should teach him.”

Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 9/?

(Anonymous) 2016-12-11 01:51 am (UTC)(link)
Newt gasped and Credence stared at him hopefully. “But I can’t. I’ve never even tried to teach anyone anything.”

“You never know what you are good at until you’ve tried,” said Dumbledore with a kind smile.

Then he turned grave again and looked very hard at Credence, to the point where Credence started to squirm and buried his chin in his chest. “But in this case you must make the effort. Grindelwald’s sympathizers are everywhere. The least suggestion that Credence is alive will bring him breathing down your neck, Newt. And you have already attracted far too much of his attention.”

Credence looked shyly at Dumbledore. “You think he still wants me?” There was a note of hope in his voice.

“Oh, my dear friend,” said Dumbledore. “I also know what a terrible, powerfully magnetic thing it is to be the center of that man’s attention. Do not give into the temptation if you value yourself. Wether or not he wants you — don’t let him have you.”

“But wasn’t he executed?” said Newt, bewildered. “I thought that was what American Wizards do — chuck you in a black pond of death the moment you slip up.”

Dumbledore sighed. “If only he were. The Americans could no more hold him than they could hold water in their hands. He never even made it to the MACUSA. They hushed it up of course. They hate to appear incompetent.” Dumbledore rolled his eyes. “Grindelwald is once more in the wind.”

He then turned back to Credence who appeared to be staring into some internal void. “But don’t you be afraid. Newt is very good at hiding. And if I might suggest it, perhaps Paris might be the place to go. There is a very discrete wandmaker in those parts who Newt is familiar with.”

Dumbledore stepped back and waved his wand gently and a small bottle appeared. He handed it to Credence. “A parting gift. Polyjuice. Only three doses, so use them wisely. But it should be enough to get you a wand.”

He turned to leave, but grabbed Newt by the sleeve on his way out. “Do not invite anyone else down here. And I need not say, don’t breathe a word of our young friend’s existence to anyone. Not a word. I myself will endeavor to put it out of my mind.”

Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 9/?

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Love this!!!

Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 9/?

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Oh man, this is great! Would you consider posting it on ao3? I want to be able to easily check for updates!