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Once you've worked on a fill, please post it here so that other people can find your work.

Put the title and pairing in the subject line (if applicable); indicate "WIP" too if it's a work in progress.
Don't forget to include the link to the fill or parts in the comment

Untitled fill for Grindelwald!Graves/Newt - non-con during interrogation scene

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Original prompt:


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Fill: Children, Behave; Jacob/Newt

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Prompt: Jacob and Newt raise the baby occamies together and later on Newt starts referring to himself as "mum" and Jacob as "dad". Jacob realizes he's accidentally settled down and started a family with Newt, and is surprisingly okay with that.

Prompt + Fill:

(will post this up on AO3 at some point)

FILL: Credence - Religious guilt, masturbation

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Prompt + fill =

Untitled fill for Newt+any, sex pollen, Newt/Jacob fill

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Original prompt:

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Fill: Devoted; Newt/Credence

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Prompt: Something inspired by this fanart ( Basically protection and h/c, but Newt is the one hurt and Credence doing the protecting/comforting. Bonus points if Newt still has to coax Credence into showing himself, and if it especially bothers him that Credence doesn't hesitate to kill people to protect him, but does his best to hide it for his sake.



Any + Newt, Obligatory jupiter ascending outfit prompt FILL

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Queenie/Tina siblingcest

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Prompt requested for anything. Fill is here (

Fill for Grindelwald!Graves/Newt - noncon during interrogation scene

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Original prompt:

Fill (part 2): continued from here:
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Fill: Graves/Newt - fucking against a desk

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Prompt: I have the sudden need for this pairing so I'd really love to see some consensual sex with Graves (or GrindelGraves) fucking Newt against a desk, especially with Newt enjoying himself and being vocal about how much he loves it. (

Fill: Be Nice (

Untitled fill - Graves/transformed!Grindelwald

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FILL: Secrets - Warning: Non-Con/PTSD

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Prompt: Post-movie, Grindelwald escapes. His first step is to go to go to the real Graves' house to let him know that, no matter how well MACUSA tries to protect him, Grindelwald will always be able to touch him.

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Fill: Second Nature; Credence/Percival/Newt: Credence and Newt claim Percival

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After he is freed from where Grindelwald imprisoned him, the real Percival Graves throws himself back into his work all the while shattered on the inside. One night, after he nearly gets killed and is forced by the President to take a few days off, Percival gets a knock at the door and is stunned to see none other than Newt Scamander on the other side complete with his infamous case.The young British wizard is his charming self and is insistent that Percival come and join him inside the case. Percival finally gives in and climbs down into the wonderful world Newt holds so dear. But there among the many fantastic creatures is someone else very special. Credence, alive and no longer the meek and heartbroken man Percival had first met and wanted to help before Grindelwald happened. Together Newt and Credence lay gentle claim over Percival and start to heal that which Grindelwald had hurt so badly. Cue the angst and the fluff!


Fill: Precedent (Newt, Gen, Crying)

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Prompt: I know this is a weird request but I just need something where newt gets his feelings hurt for whatever reason and he cries about it. Plot is completely up to you, & it can be slash if you'd: like, I'm just not a huge fan of newt/tina.


AO3 Link

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Fill: Real!Graves/Tina, pre-film BJ/HJ

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Fill: Credence/Newt/Percival: Percival feeling left out and insecure

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Fill: Would You Stay : Injured!Newt, slight Percival/Newt, Hurt/Comfort

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For these two prompts:

Fill is at the prompts and here on Ao3:

FILL: Graves/Credence; daddy kink, praise kink

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Mini-Fill: Grindelwald/Newt/Graves - ABO, dub-con

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Fill: Five Times They Weren't, and One Time They Totally Were (Percival/Newt)

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Prompt and Fill:

Ao3 Link:

Fill: Newt, Queenie, nightmares and platonic comfort

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Re: Fill: Newt, Queenie, nightmares and platonic comfort

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If anyone's interested, this fill is now on AO3, here:

It's been edited to clean it up and to add a little bit of extra detail.
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Mini-Fill: Credence, Modesty- All That's Left, h/c, angst, family

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Prompt + Fill: After, the incident in the subway, Credence boards a ship for England. But not before picking up his little sister. Modesty goes with him because, no matter what he did, he's her brother, and they're the only family they have left.

Please no Credence/Modesty. Just a brother-sister relationship.



Fill: Any/Newt, eye contact during sex

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"Look me in the eye while I'm fucking you."

Graves/Newt, dubcon/noncon warning.

Original!Graves/Credence, Prostitution AU (WIP)

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Re: Original!Graves/Credence, Prostitution AU (WIP)

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quick note to say i've moved (and greatly edited) the fill over here:

untitled fill for Credence, Jacob- It's a Small World, h/c, angst, fluff

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original prompt:


Micro Joke Fill - Newt and the Boggard

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