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Once you've worked on a fill, please post it here so that other people can find your work.

Put the title and pairing in the subject line (if applicable); indicate "WIP" too if it's a work in progress.
Don't forget to include the link to the fill or parts in the comment

FILL: Newt/Queenie/Jacob, cross-dressing

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Aaaaaaand we're done!


Chapter 4 (I rewrote bits of it orz):

Chapter 5:

FILL: Teacher!Newt/Parent!Graves; school conference

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Prompt + fill:

MiniFill - Gen or OriginalGraves/Credence, breaking out of prison

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Request and Fill:

Credence/Graves - A Warm Bed, hc, abuse, hypothermia

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AO3 Link:

Old Newt, Tina and Percival save the Gringotts Dragon

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FILL: More Than Meets The Eye

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PROMPT: Gen or Real!Percival/Newt, There's a Graves in my Suitcase

GrindelGraves, unaware the thing would be stolen so quickly, decided that inside the suitcase was an excellent place to stash the comatose RealGraves.

Newt discovers this when he's already sailing out of NY harbour.

Percival is pretty freaked out and unsure if the kind, unassuming magizoologist promising that he's safe and no one is going to harm him is a trick or a genuine saviour. He's getting to the point where he thinks it's the latter, if only because Newt seems unaware that his animals are all giving him the universal "i'm watchign you" act when Newt's not looking.

The animals, after all, can recognise the look and smell of the man who hurt their human, but not that the one who did the hurting was an imposter. They aren't outright attacking though, since many of them also were scared and confused and attacked when their human first found them.

Fic fill here (
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Fill: Graves/Newt; Sore sensitive nipples being played with

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Fill: Credence/Real!Graves, scars

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Prompt: I have no shame and I know it's a syrupy trope, but can I get some scar worship porn with these two, please? My soul for Credence getting all of the loving palm and back kisses he certainly needs. And for Graves to be completely ruined by Credence finding and tracing all of his scars. Especially if Graves picked up a few crucio marks during his captivity. And extra especially if one of those crucio marks happens to be close enough to Graves' dick for Credence to keep stroking the scar while blowing Graves. (



Fill: First in Love, Graves/Newt

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[Fill] Matchmaker, Matchmaker - Percival/Newt + Theseus

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Theseus is a hugely overprotective big bro. Clearly most people cannot be trusted with his precious baby brother who must be kept safe. But his bestie Percy is an auror, with upstanding ethics, and a loyal personality. Obviously, they're perfect for each other.

Newt and Percival have spent so many years putting up with Theseus' increasingly insane attempts to get them together that when Tina brings Newt to meet "Graves" about his animals and the man doesn't immediately complain that he doesn't have time to deal with more of Theseus' mathcmaking that something is very very wrong.


On AO3:

Credence/ensemble, gentle worship

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Prompt: I have a mighty need for the whole gang worshipping the hell out of Credence and making beautiful, gentle love to him - all together!

Minifill: Drink, yea, drink abundantly, o Beloved:

(Ensemble = Newt, Tina, Queenie, Jacob, real!Graves)

Fill: Harry Jr./Langdon, Past Abuse/Non-con

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Prompt: Post-FBAWTFT, Langdon doesn't lose his memories from the night his brother died, because the rain only washed away BAD memories. When his father, the newspapers, and everyone who was at the gala start saying that Harry died in a tragic car accident, Langdon knows something isn't right. He's the only person who seems to remember that his older brother was killed by a dark monster with shining white eyes. He supposes it's fair that he's the only person who knows how his brother died, since he's the only person who knows his brother was raping and abusing him for years.


Mini-fill: Newt's bogart is his brother TW: Rape/Noncon Theseus/Newt

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Prompt and fill:

Fill (WIP): Graves/Newt - The Big Fat Arranged Mafia Wedding

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Fic request:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Groot & Pickett Fill

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Graves - the Vimes Approach

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WIP fill: Touch Starved Original!Percival

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fill [1/2]:

Original Graves/President Picquery, office sex

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Tina/Newt - Animal play

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Prompt: One time Tina accidentally pats Newt on the head and says "good boy!" Newt, uh, really enjoys it.

Prompt and fill:

Ao3 link:

Mini-fill: Just For Tonight (Credence/Graves raise Harry)

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Prompt: In fanfiction, Harry Potter got to be raised by almost everyone so I am thinking why not to have Graves and Credence shot at it. I don't care if you fudge the timeline and have them live in the modern day or if they are old Graves and Credence.

Maybe one of them is related to him and Dumbledore has no choice but to send Harry to live with them.

Or the Dursleys go to America and since their babysitter bailed on them, they have to take Harry with them. Credence sees Vernon mistreating Harry, who reminds him so much of himself and his ma, he practically kidnaps him. And he asks Graves if they can keep the kid and Graves is like "Good Merlin, this is Harry Potter. I have my whole department looking for this kid!"


Untitled Tina/Newt, labor

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Graves, Tina, Queenie - Adoption

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Any/Newt : 5+1, distracted by his lips

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Prompt + fill:

Graves/Newt Newt misplaces his wand

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Original prompt here:

Fill on Ao3: