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Once you've worked on a fill, please post it here so that other people can find your work.

Put the title and pairing in the subject line (if applicable); indicate "WIP" too if it's a work in progress.
Don't forget to include the link to the fill or parts in the comment

newt + healing powers

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FILL: Touch Starved Original!Percival [2/2]

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Now with hints of Newt/Graves, kinda, I guess?

Prompt and full fill:

AO3 link to fill

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In case anyone is interested:

Graves/Grindelwald- Visitor, angst, h/c, possible molestation

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Graves/Grindelwald- Concubine, angst, noncon

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Fill- Part 1

Re: Graves/Grindelwald- Concubine, angst, noncon -part 2-3 now up

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Grindelwald/Graves - ABO, dub/non-con

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Original Prompt:

AO3 Fill:

Fill (WIP): Graves/Newt - The Big Fat Arranged Mafia Wedding

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Fic request:


The Scamander Family's territory is under threat by a mobster named Grindelwald, so they seek aid from another crime family ran by Percival Graves. They come to an agreement that will be solidified through marriage, between Percival and the Scamander Family’s son.

The choice should have been obvious… Theseus was charismatic, handsome, intelligent, powerful, and a promising future leader of their family.

But to everyone’s shock, Percival went for a different choice… Theseus’s younger brother, Newt.

Newt, was different from his brother… shy, awkward, reclusive, and spent more time with his pets than people, however, he had his late mother’s gentleness and compassion. Which is why his father and brother worked hard so keep him away from this life of bloodshed.

To Graves, his innocence and untainted soul is what attracted Newt to him

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Fill: Perfect (Newt is basically a Disney princess/singing to get help from creatures

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Prompt: Think about it. A case full of magical creatures, Eddies amazing singing voice and his good looks. So imagine the Newts friends or maybe some MACUSA aurors getting in trouble alongside Newt and suddenly he starts singing. Everyone is questioning the British guy's sanity at this point but boom. Suddenly small magical helper creatures start swooping in and saving the day because their mummy/friend Newt is in trouble and he is calling out to them for help!

Honestly I don't know but I would love a fic in which Newt needs to sing in order to get aid from some magical creature/s

+ for OG!Graves/Newt
++ for people being in awe at Newts singing voice


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Prompt: Credence isn't the only one who has scars left from family

MiniFill: Graves/Newt - someone keeps drawing smutty fan art of them in the office

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[FILL] Re: TW: Magical Non-Con (Original Percival Graves/Grindelwald)

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After torturing the necessary information out of Percival, Grindelwald uses him as a toy for all his fucked up sexual desires.

My kingdom if at some point Grindelwald turns Percival's cock into a pussy.


"on belonging," fem!Grindelwald/fem!Graves, possessiveness

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Fill: Soulmates, Percival Graves/Grindelwald

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The Sheriff Debates - A Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them/Welcome to Night Vale Fusion

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Keeping Graves somewhere he could escape or someone could stumble upon him is too risky. Instead, Grindelwald takes his memories so he can peruse them later at his leisure. He implants new set of memories to Graves, making him believe he is just ordinary No-maj, stashes him in some middle-of-nowhere town on the other side of the country...

Original Prompt and Fill:

Fill: Graves/Newt + voyeuristic!Grindelwald (humour, fluff)

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Original prompt:

Gellert Grindelwald tracks down Newt and Graves who have become lovers. He is resolved to have his revenge, but finds himself watching them in bed instead. What happens next?

I went with the anon commenters' suggestion that he should leave them concrit.

For the Greater Good Times:

Fill: Mary Lou/Credence - rectal temperature

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Prompt -
Credence hasn't been feeling well, and he's starting to feel feverish. When he goes to Mary Lou with his concerns, she tells him there's only one way to find out if he really has a fever.


Fill: Graves/Grindelwald- Office, noncon

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Original Graves/Newt 'Tis the Season for Gift-Giving

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Original prompt here:

Fill on ao3:

Newt, Gen, Fantastic Coat Pockets and What You'll Find Inside Them

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Original prompt:

On ao3:

WIP Fill: Credence/Newt/Percival: Arranged Marriage Percival Bottoms for them

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Prompt: Credence and Newt are to be the husbands of Percival Graves, the Director of Magical Security, a man with a reputation for being a formidable duelist and a hard-ass law man. To say that Newt and Credence are terrified would be an understatement. Credence's mother fills his head with lies about how he'll be nothing more than a pet to Graves. Newt's not better off as his family lets him know that they are marrying him off because they are sick and tired of his foolish love for creatures and why can't he be more like Theseus. Newt and Credence only meet Percival once before the wedding, and he lives up to his reputation for being stoic and unsmiling. The wedding happens and Newt and Credence think that Percival is going to bed them and then leave them.

Imagine their shock when Percival comes into the bedroom and gives them a warm smile before asking who wants to go first in taking him. Up to filler who gathers their courage and agrees to Percival first, but either way, Percival gently and patiently guides that husband and rides him with the other husband watching in awe. Then Percival, showing a great deal of stamina does the same with the other husband. By the next morning, Newt and Credence are no longer terrified, and actually quite pleased with the turn of events, while Percival sets about pampering his new husbands further with breakfast in bed.

When Newt and Credence's families see how happy Newt and Credence are they try to cause misery, but end up on the receiving end of a very protective Percival Graves' wrath.

Fill (1/?):

Newt/Graves - Exhibitionism

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Newt is not an exhibitionist but he does like to show off a little sometimes, just for Graves.

Accidental bounty hunter Newt fill: Code: BLUE COAT

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Original prompt:


Grindelwald de-ages Graves

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Original Prompt:

Fill (WIP - Pt1):

Re: Grindelwald de-ages Graves WIP Pt 2

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Chapter 2:

Fill: Graves/Newt Just Ask Me

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Original prompt:

On ao3: