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Once you've worked on a fill, please post it here so that other people can find your work.

Put the title and pairing in the subject line (if applicable); indicate "WIP" too if it's a work in progress.
Don't forget to include the link to the fill or parts in the comment

Graves/Newt lap-sitting FILL

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Fill here:


Graves/Newt Not So Innocent

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Original prompt:

On ao3:

Newt/Credence/Graves, voluntary submission, bottom!Graves

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When Credence was accosted by Grindelwald!Graves, the older wizard made Credence think that since he was the student/younger/whatever, GrindelGraves was entitled do do anything he wanted to the younger man and he could only submit.

Now that he's in a three-way relationship with both Newt and Original!Graves (how did it develop is up to you), his lovers would like for him to be a willing partecipant, asking for what he wants instead of just accepting what he's given.

And Credence would really, really want to know what it's like to have the Director of Magical Security under him for once.

- Graves was tortured (not necessarily raped) by Grindelwald so he finds the situation stressful but he's willing to give Credence control over his body
- Newt being the calming presence that propts Credence to take what he wants and soothes Percival when he starts to become panicked
- At one point Newt starts to treat this like a research on a new beast's courting/breeding ritual

Link to Fill:

Bigger than These Bones AO3 Link

(Anonymous) 2016-12-27 10:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Link to the AO3 Page:

Fantastic Tentacles and Where to Find Them (Newt/Tentacles, Newt/Credence)

(Anonymous) 2016-12-26 01:05 am (UTC)(link)


Jacob/Queenie, magical bakery fill: Customer Satisfaction

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Original prompt and fill:

Fill on AO3:

Fill: Graves/Grindelwald, Graves/Others- Grindelwald Doesn't Share, dub/noncon

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On AO3:

Re: Fill: Graves/Grindelwald, Graves/Others- Grindelwald Doesn't Share, dub/noncon

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Continuation of this also up on AO3:

The Mating Habits of Director Graves - Grindel!Graves/Newt NonCon

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Prompt: Grindlegraves forces Newt (via threats or a spell) to talk as he rapes him. He expects awkwardness. What he gets is a clinical, Attenborough style narration of what is happening.


FILL 2: Teacher!Newt/Parent!Graves; school conference

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Graves/Newt Take Care of My Fragile Little Heart

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Original prompt:

On ao3:

Ilvermorny AU, noncon, underage, Grindelgraves/Credence: Teacher's Pet

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Prompt: Newt discovers a new magical creature on his travels. It looks like a bunny. It acts like a bunny. It has the ability to traverse multiple realities like a ...wait. He names it the Meta-Rabbit as a species. He names the individual Bugs.

Status: Ongoing.

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Mini-Fill: Newt/Graves crying

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Prompt: I have a feeling Newt cries prettily sO if someone can write me something on Newt crying that would be great! Can be because his creatures are ill or he's hurt or something Graves did or said idk just give me something with Newt crying prettily and Graves comforting him in his own way. can also be because he's getting pounded into real good he can't help but cry cause it's too good?? idk go wild! (

Fill: Niceness of Knowing Care; @

Newt, Gen, Beware Bright Colors

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Original prompt:

On ao3:

WIP Fill: Graves/Newt - Soulmarks

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Prompt and part 1:

Link straight to part 1:

Graves/Newt Dancing at MACUSA Ball

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Original prompt here:

On ao3:

Like Fresh Snow - Grindelwald!Graves/Newt

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One of Newt's middle names is Artemis, which happens to be the name of the Greek goddess of wild animals and virginity among other things. So give me a story in which Newt, for whatever reason, believes that being a virgin is vitally important to his profession and is the thing that makes his animals bond so closely with him. Sometimes, when he opens up, he ends up being downright sanctimonious about it. Bragging about how he's never even been kissed, and making claims that anyone who has sinful thoughts about him will be struck down (or something idk)...

Grindelwald (or other bad guy of choice) rapes Newt to sever his connection with his animals. Hopefully that doesn't happen, and they end up comforting him.

on AO3:

MINIFILL - Merlin/Fantastic Beasts AU

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Recognition - Graves self-harm/PTSD/mutilation

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<a href=""Prompt</a> and <a href="">Fill</a>

Re: Recognition - Graves self-harm/PTSD/mutilation

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Now on AO3

serves me right for trying to html on my phone last time. Sorry mods

Graves/Newt Moing On

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Original prompt:

On ao3:

"Sacrifice": Graves + Credence, Fix-It (Or make it worse)

(Anonymous) 2016-12-28 08:05 pm (UTC)(link)

Graves had been watching over Credence before Grindelwald supplanted him. During the big showdown, Graves manages to escape his prison and, despite being badly wounded, apparates to the scene.

Just in time to throw up shields to protect Credence from the aurors' attempts to kill him.

Angst Option:
Graves is weakened by torture and wandless, so while he's able to shield Credence the strain of it kills him. Credence survives, Grindelwald is defeated, but Credence will never truly know the man who gave everything to protect him.


Graves/Newt Just Wanna Be With You

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Original prompt:

On ao3:

Welcome Home

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Prompt: After a long day at MACUSA, there is nothing Graves appreciates more than coming home to a meal cooked by his lovers followed by a show.The show of course being, Credence and Newt having sweet, tender sex. Up to anon if Graves takes part or just gets off on watching.

Link to fill:

Broken link

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Keep getting a page that says the story doesn't exist.

Re: Broken link

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FILL: Graves/Grindelwald- Body Heat, hypothermia, angst, hc

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Original Prompt:

Fill on AO3:

Fill: Newt/Unicorn loss of virginity

(Anonymous) 2016-12-30 05:16 am (UTC)(link)
Prompt: Newt/Unicorn loss of virginity