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Grindelwald!Graves/Newt - non-con during interrogation scene

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Grindelwald realizes that Newt is Dumbledore's rebound so he breaks him in whatever way he can.

Re: Grindelwald!Graves/Newt - non-con during interrogation scene

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Fill part 2, continued directly from above

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Re: Fill part 2, continued directly from above

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Re: Fill part 2, continued directly from above

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Re: Fill part 2, continued directly from above

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Re: Fill part 2, continued directly from above

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Re: Fill part 2, continued directly from above

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Re: Fill part 2, continued directly from above

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Re: Fill part 2, continued directly from above

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Re: Fill part 2, continued directly from above

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Re: Fill part 2, continued directly from above

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Re: Fill part 2, continued directly from above

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newt/credence, credence accompanies newt

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so apparently the original ending of the movie showed credence getting on the same boat as newt. what if that had actually happened? credence accompanies newt in his adventures around the world and they fall for each other eventually

Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 1/?

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Newt put off feeding his latest acquisition for last, so that he could spend more time with him without the others getting restless. It was always a bit awkward getting used to a new creature. It took time figuring their needs and habits, not to mention the things that pleased or upset them. The fact that he and the newcomer were technically the same species really didn’t change that.

Newt had never been all that good with humans.

Thankfully, Credence didn’t mind being treated like the other creatures. He accepted without a word when Newt invited him into the suitcase. He didn’t complain when Newt cast the spells to create a space for him. He didn’t comment when Newt carefully touched his wand to him and keyed the new room to respond to Credence’s desires. In fact, Credence didn’t talk at all for the first week. He was too busy being a tiny puff of smoke.

“I’ve brought eggs and tomatoes,” said Newt, conjuring the dish from the kitchen into his hand on a silver plate with a matching cover. He entered Credence’s den.

It was a dreary place. Dark, dank, empty, and cavelike. There were patches of slimy water on the ground. Credence was hiding in a nook in the ceiling. Newt looked about for a clean place to put the dish down. Finding none, he waved his wand and summoned a sturdy Victorian table with legs like griffin’s hindquarters. A matching chair appeared beside it.

“There,” said Newt with some satisfaction. “I shall put this right here for you and you can come down from there and eat like a good … human.”

Credence wafted a bit uncertainly, but didn’t come anywhere close to the plate.

“Oh come now,” said Newt trying his best to sound reasonable with just a bit of sternness. “You can’t keep up like that. You’ve had your sulk, now it’s time to pull yourself together. Eat some food. It’s good for you.”

Credence flared out into a mess of angry and dangerous looking spikes.

Newt put his hands on his hips. “Don’t get tetchy with me. And don’t think you can frighten me with all that posturing. I’ve put up with far more headstrong creatures than you.” He clapped his hands. “That’s it. Come down, this moment.”

To Newt’s infinite relief, Credence softened his spikes and drifted down to hover over the table. But then he grew droopy and faded and indecisive.

“Now, now, you’ve been a human for 18 years, don’t pretend you’ve forgotten how.”

Smaller spikes of irritation rippled out, but then, at last, the smoke settled on the ground and reformed into a human. Credence was still wearing the dreary muggle outfit Newt had seen him in last, but he seemed thinner and older and his stoop was lower.

“Oh, thank god,” said Newt. Then got ahold of himself before Credence could lose confidence and return to a puff ball again. “Sit, sit.”

Credence obeyed. Newt vanished the lid and watched with satisfaction as the young man gobbled up the food hungrily.

While he ate, the room began to transform around them. The floor dried up, and gritty mud and stone turned into dusty wood. The cavern roof grew rafters and cobwebs. An uncomfortable cot materialized some feet away, and within minutes they were in what was unmistakably someone’s attic.

Well, that was an improvement… of sorts.

Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 2/?

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Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 3/?

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Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 3/?

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Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 3/?

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Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 3/?

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Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 3/?

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Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 3/?

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Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 3/?

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Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 4/?

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Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 5/?

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Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 5/?

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Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 5/?

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Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 6/?

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Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 7/?

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Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 8/?

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Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 9/?

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Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 9/?

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Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 9/?

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Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 3/?

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Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt- FILL 3/?

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Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt

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Re: newt/credence, credence accompanies newt

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Any + Newt, Obligatory jupiter ascending outfit prompt

(Anonymous) 2016-11-23 12:13 am (UTC)(link)
Because every kinkmeme featuring Eddie Redmayne needs to have this prompt

Basically someone is in Newt's case and finds his outfit from Jupiter Ascending ( gold+sequins+gladiator sandals, the whole nine yards). They have a lot of questions.

Re: Any + Newt, Obligatory jupiter ascending outfit prompt FILL

(Anonymous) 2016-11-26 04:56 pm (UTC)(link)
He had decided to clean out the shed and had just gotten started on the wardrobe. Jacob tsked to himself as he deposited piles and piles of Newt's extra clothes on the floor. They were covered in dust and clearly hadn't been worn in a long time. It seemed like a never-ending series of shirts, vests and coats until a black shimmery cloth surfaced.

Jacob lifted it, curious. It was some sort of black robe, that is, it might have passed for one if you hadn't removed 90% of the robe and left only a few measly strips of cloth. Whatever remained did a very poor job of covering up one's body. A bit of digging around revealed an additional leather pair of trousers. When Jacob unballed them, he was stunned to find a number of ostentatious goldpieces. There were gawdy rings of various sizes, bracelets, and a heavy neckpiece covered in intricate carvings. They glittered almost menacingly, and Jacob suppressed a shudder. Jewelry was alright, but these were just tacky. Even strip joint workers wore classier stuff.

He stared, for a couple of long moments, trying to come up with a reason for Newt to have these items. He came up blank.

They looked about Newt's size. Odd.

"Hey, Newt?" He called out. The other male trotted over from his workstation, grinning. "What's all this?"

The smile immediately slid off Newt's face and he was suddenly in between Jacob and the dubious pile of clothing and accessories, shielding them. "Nothing! Hm? Nothing." He blinked furiously, speaking in a rushed voice. "Just some junk the niffler took."

Any idiot could tell when Newt was feeding him a line.

"Says you," he said impatiently, reaching around Newt to brandish the evidence at him. He shook the strange robe at him, and the taller male swallowed nervously. He was reddening. "These don't look like nothing. Is this real gold? Something you want to tell me, pal? You don't seem like the type to dress like..."

When Newt simply looked down and swallowed, fidgeting like he was about to have a panic attack, Jacob suddenly felt guilty. Who was he to attack someone if they wanted to dress like they were for sale in the privacy of their own home, er, suitcase?

"Well, not that I'm judging or anything. I mean everyone has... Eccentricities, right?" Eccentricities. Jacob was still trying to wrap his head around the new discovery that Newt's obsession with dangerous animals wasn't even the strangest thing about him.

"I didn't do it voluntarily," Newt confessed, wiping his face with a hand like he were trying to rub the flush off his cheeks. "There was... A colony of merpeople and they believed I was their," he paused, looking off into the distance. "...Deity." He visibly shuddered.

"Or so I thought. It turns out they just wanted to sacrifice me to a volcano," Newt explained.

"So after doing a swan dive into the crater, I cast a fire-coat charm and waited under the lava surface before crawling out and traveling ten miles back to my encampment."

Jacob was slack-jawed. And amazed, as always, by Newt's tenacity. Intrigued by the images forming in his mind. Newt running around in hot pants and a barely-there robe, wearing gold clinking bracelets and a collar. What a sight that must've been. He almost wished he'd been there to see it.

"It was awful," Newt finished, snapping Jacob out of his reverie.

"Yeah, so awful you kept every souvenir," he muttered, eyeing all the pieces of jewelry that had apparently survived the supposed ordeal. Newt cast him a suspicious look.


"Nothing," Jacob quickly replied. A mischevious smile crossed his face and he grabbed the satin robe and pressed it against Newt's chest. "For old times' sake, why don't you put this on and give me a show? You know, I bet you looked like a real doll--" Jacob's laugh was abruptly cut off by a swooping evil to the face.


Graveselwald/Credence - blowjob in a dark alley

(Anonymous) 2016-11-23 12:22 am (UTC)(link)
With plenty of emotional manipulation

Re: Graveselwald/Credence - blowjob in a dark alley FILL

(Anonymous) 2016-11-27 05:30 am (UTC)(link)
((So I saw this and I just had to do it, my first time doing a fill so I hope it is okay))

It was roughly around nine at night when Credence looked up at the moon for around the tenth time. There was a bite in the air, and with his thin clothing he was left to do all but cling to himself in the crumbling alley.

So it would seem Mr Graves would be late again this night. (His mood was harder to predict on these kinds of nights, most likely working for a long time during the day it made sense at his behavior of course).

Still, it made the young man anxious, pivoting from one foot to another as he leaned against the familiar worn wall.

Maybe he had gone to the wrong alley, Mr Graves sometimes randomly did that depending on the time of day. But the position of the moon and the quiet voices in the streets made it seem unlikely that any such change would happen tonight.

It felt like another five minutes when more of nothing but his heart beat picking up too fast. Maybe he was just busier than usual, work had picked up for him of course.

‘Because you cannot find the child, if you would have found the child by now he would have saved you from your mother by now. It is your fault’ he bitterly thought to himself.

Shifting on his right and left foot he was about to leave the alleyway when he felt a firm hand suddenly on his shoulder. Before he could breathe a shaken breath he was no-where and then at the end of the alleyway.

Credence instantly moving his body to sink in with the wall he heard a familiar annoyed sigh. Risking a glance at the person it was an instant relief to the anxious young man. Mr Graves in all his beauty- no not that sinful type just a regular type he would say but of course. His three piece suit a darker shade than he wore in the morning when they had run into each other, and by the state of his hair, the older man had been musing it in some sort of annoyed and frustrated manner.

“Credence my boy, I don’t suppose you have any news on the child do you” his voice sharper than usual and by the look of it more annoyed than hopeful.

“No sir” Credence replied voice low, almost too low as Mr Graves had to still to hear him properly less the sound of his jacket block out the young man’s voice.

The boy flinched as the older man seemingly began to walk down the alleyway, hands going into his pockets in a confident manner.

Credence almost shouted out a question when he noticed Grave’s hands cup his face, another moment later he was by the young man’s side hand gripping tightly onto his shoulder.

“Then we might as well get something for dinner right”, Graves said in a weird sort of tone.

Credence’s stomach sung with joy, though his heart beat with a fear.

Without a word, Grave was gone yet again leaving Credence alone at the back of the alley. A tired sigh and he sat on the ground, hands going self-consciously around his middle.

A minute later the familiar man was back, though this time with a strange food he had not had before. Ice cream. His mother’s paranoia on its origins and possible links with sin and the devil and his lack of money had meant it was for him at least only for looking at wondering.
That was when he counted how many he had.

“There is only one” he croaked awkwardly, standing up with wobbly legs and feet.

“Well you deserve it for all the hard work you’ve been doing”, he said with an edge to his tone causing Credence to wince harshly.

Still as Grave’s put out his hand with the cone he took it hand shaking as he brought it closer to his person. It was a soft white that reminded him of the snow he played in with his mother when he had one- his real mother.

Testing it with his tongue Credence didn’t take mind as Graves started to play with his hair.

“I do so much for you don’t I” Graves whispered in the same sort of tone Credence used for praying. “All I ask for is the child, the child and the only way I can introduce you to the wizarding world at last”.

Head lowered in shame Credence misdirected his ice-cream and smeared the tip of his nose with it. Wordlessly Graves lifted his head to inspect it.

“My Boy don't you know all I want to do is take you away from all this pain” he continued eyes lowering to Credence’s nose.

What the young man did not expect was the other to do what he did. A careful tongue swiped across his nose barely not going into one of the holes. The warm weird feeling he got squished down the hazy black fuzz in his chest like never before. Though that was also when he realized the feeling was also appearing somewhere else.

A gentle finger was stroking just where his neck and head met when he almost made his first noise. It was strange how the night had quieted as the actions took place. One of Grave's thigh was slotted in between the younger man's and it would seem that he finally knew the reaction he was causing the other.

“See I already make you feel so good and I haven’t even done much” Graves quietly said to the male in front of him.

On the tip of Credence’s tongue was a lecture he had learned off by heart from that woman, almost every bible passage that told of the sin of this nature and the horrible and ghastly punishments men and woman who broke these rules were given.

Instead, he merely dropped his ice cream as the thigh moved with more friction.

Sliding down so he was on his knees Graves looked at Credence with a look darker than he had ever seen before, not a moment later he was gripping at his pant clad thighs.

“I will give you a taste on what I can give you Credence” with that he was snaking out his belt throwing it into the dark and ripping his pants down till they hung around his ankles.

His underclothes doing little to hide him Credence wanted to do nothing more than cry out.

“Please Mr Graves, this is wrong this is sin” he choked as Graves began to palm his bad area.
“I do so much for you my boy, it would seem that you do not appreciate even this” Graves sighed though showed no sign of stopping.

Tears began to crowd the younger male’s eyes as he began to gasp in worry and confusion. Though what the other was saying was true, he was rather ungrateful, wasn’t he. Mr Graves got him food, showed him affection and love and was willing to commit sin for him.
What a selfish boy he was.

In the time of his thinking, Graves had already gotten down his underclothes and was stroking the thing in his hands with care, soft kisses placed around the thing.

This new feeling being so strange and odd his heartbeat almost thudded out the addition of a tongue.

With a cry the warmth in his stomach and lower area hid away the fuzz and feeling hit him just as Graves moved his face from the thing and instead aimed it towards the abounded treat. It almost blended in completely.

As the older man stood up Credence could not help but look at his area covered by pants, it would seem he was also reacting to the situation at hand.

“Should l help you?” Credence croaked more out of obligation than want.

Scooping up the ice cream and weird stuff Graves played with it in his fingers before smearing some on Credence’s lip.

“Just find the child” Graves said going for the last time that night.

Leaning down again the man was sure to avoid the pile. Alone with a sticky hand and a sinful heart.

‘I won’t fail you next time’ Credence thought as he stood up and went home to which he knew he would be beaten.

Tina/Queenie - anything!

(Anonymous) 2016-11-23 12:23 am (UTC)(link)
Haven't seen this pairing yet, and siblingcest is my jam

Re: Tina/Queenie - anything!

(Anonymous) 2016-11-24 05:12 am (UTC)(link)
"Teenie," she whispered into the other woman's hair. "You look simply gorgeous."

Tina rolled her eyes. Ignored Queenie and settled her focus on the mirror instead. She raised her arms and surveyed the neckline of her dress. Frowned when she lowered them again, the wide exposed V of her skin and collarbone.

It was way too revealing, she thought. Queenie tsked and reluctantly waved over some pins to tug the straps upward.

"That's the point, hon," she whispered, first into Tina's ear. Then she whispered again and stroked her hair, most likely to distract her from the decreasing opacity of her outfit.

Stop that, Tina scolded, but her eyes were light with a hint of a smile, and Queenie, still behind her, gazed at their joint reflections in the mirror. Her arm caressed Tina's own, and her hand Tina caught and held tight.

"How 'bout just here, then," Queenie said teasingly. Brushed her fingers across Tina's abdomen, and the section of cloth there faded into transparency and exposed her navel. As her fingers started to trail upwards to cup her bosom, creating a clear path in the silk, and Tina sighed and leaned her head back against Queenie's shoulder. They were silent, but Tina channeled some particularly loud thoughts and Queenie giggled.

"This is why I love playing dress-up, too."

Re: Tina/Queenie - anything!

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Re: Tina/Queenie - anything!

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Re: Tina/Queenie - anything!

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Re: Tina/Queenie - anything!

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Re: Tina/Queenie - anything!

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Newt/Jacob - weight gain

(Anonymous) 2016-11-23 12:26 am (UTC)(link)
either party gaining weight

Re: Newt/Jacob - weight gain 1/1

(Anonymous) 2016-11-23 05:13 pm (UTC)(link)
A/N: I've never written anything like this before but this really piqued my interest anon, I hope you enjoy!

Jacob is good with people. He’s always known that. Animals? Not so much. But he’s learning.

Newt is good with animals. Everyone knows that. People? No. Honest to God, no. And he refuses to learn. It took a long time to convince him that it was worth magicking an oven into this clandestine zoo. Newt only agreed when he promised to bake treats for all the beasts: “Every single one of them,” he had said firmly, before launching into a rant about the dangers of favoritism.

So when Jacob presents him with a plate, a lovely croissant perched on top of it, Newt just wrinkles his nose and says “Well, I’m glad the oven works,” and then turns heel and walks off. And Jacob really shouldn’t have expected any different. But his face falls, anyway. He looks down at the croissant. It’s golden-brown, with the perfect amount of crunch no doubt. It’s perfect; why would Newt not want it?
He remembers why.

“Hey, English boy!” He hollers in his best authoritative voice. Newt stops in his tracks, shuffles around like he typically does before turning to look at him. He looks utterly confused.

“I believe the proper words are ‘thank you’,” he huffs, closing the distance between them. Newt steps back as if he’s holding a dynamite instead of a croissant.

“But I’m not hungry,” Newt stammers. Jacob shoves the plate at his abdomen, hoping to knock a few ribs for emphasis.

“’Thank. You,’” he repeats, poking the taller male with the plate. “You want to stop annoying people? Then eat the stuff they painstakingly baked for you, for chrissakes.”

“Thank you,” Newt says, his tone a poor imitation of gratitude, finally taking the plate. Satisfied, Jacob grins and walks off, straightening his vest and feeling a sense of accomplishment well up inside him.
It’s a start.

He’s been an observer of Newt’s poor eating habits for quite a while. The man eats next to nothing, preferring to rush meals so he can stay on schedule for feeding time (oh, the irony). He sneaks morsels into his breastpocket for his tiny plant. Sometimes he sulks for no reason, preferring not to eat at all.

Sometimes Jacob watches him as he sleeps, sees how his shirt rises up to reveal a pale sliver of skin. A jutting hipbone, the remnants of a light scar punctuating it further. Newt looks a lot smaller when he isn’t wearing four layers of coats, it seems. How he has the energy to lug around sacks of feed daily is a mystery to Jacob, but he’s concluded a long time ago that the only thing magical in that regard is Newt’s sheer devotion.

He decides he’s not going to let Newt keel over from starvation in his own suitcase.

So he bakes, and bakes, and bakes.

To his chagrin, Newt isn’t impressed with what was supposed to be his bestseller. The brunette reaches for the donut hesitantly when Jacob has him at platepoint. “I thought you were going to make treats for the animals,” Newt says.

“I am,” he replies, lying through his teeth. “I just needed you to taste it first.”

And Newt finally nibbles on the donut. “It’s sweet,” he says, looking surprised, and Jacob is incredulous. He almost wants to ask him if he’s never had a donut before. Do they not have donuts in Britain? Or do they have an unsweetened wizard version?

“Supposed to be,” Jacob says, keeping his tone as even as possible.

“The mooncalves will love it,” Newt says, excitement creeping into his voice. There’s a twinkle in his eye, now. Jacob knows he’s lost all of Newt’s attention at this point. “The grindylows, not so much, but perhaps Dougal…” And he’s rambling again, leaving the rest of his donut uneaten. Jacob curses inwardly.

He has better luck with scones. To his relief, Newt seems to like them even though he’s only made them once or twice before. “I miss having these at home,” he confesses as he pops two into his mouth. “They taste like the ones my mum used to bake.” He looks Jacob in the eye for once and says “Thank you, Jacob, these are amazing,” before eating four more in succession. Jacob’s head spins; it’s like a murtlap bite all over again, because he can’t figure out which is more astounding: Newt getting through a conversation without name-dropping some sort of creature or Newt eating more than he's ever seen him eat in one sitting.

Things change after that. He no longer has to corner Newt and push pastries into his dirt-streaked palms. Or lecture him on how to be a worthy conversationalist. They develop a pattern. Newt comes over un-beckoned whenever Jacob pulls the tray out of their magicked oven.
“And these are?” he says, rubbing his hands together and gazing longingly at Jacob's work.

“Lemon squares, auntie’s recipe.”

“Excellent.” Newt takes two squares at a time. Jacob smiles.

Sometimes, Newt doesn’t even come over. He uses a summon hex or whatever it’s called, and the creampuffs whizz off to whatever biome he’s tending to that day. And Jacob doesn’t mind. He’s flattered that his baking has been incorporated to Newt’s previously strict routine. Soon Newt takes to walking around with a Danish in his mouth rather than his wand, which is, well, it still makes his blood pressure rise but in a different way.

It starts to show eventually, and Jacob can’t say he’s unhappy with the change. Sure, Newt’s cheekbones are less pronounced, but he’s also less pale and far less jittery. Apparently the strangeness might’ve just been manifestations of a vitamin deficiency, Jacob thinks amusedly as he watches Newt struggle to put his coat on.

“It feels different,” Newt exhales as he wrestles with the fabric for a moment before giving up and dumping it on the ground. “Kind of – tight?” Jacob answers his questioning look with a shrug.

“It was getting kind of ragged, anyway.” He stares a little too long at the straining buttons on Newt’s vest. His trousers no longer look baggy, and when he turns around to shuck off his vest, Jacob lets his gaze wander and finds that Newt’s filled them out quite nicely.

He does a further study later that night, searching for the jut of hip at Newt’s side and finding only the softness and pale white scar. He can’t count Newt’s ribs anymore, but he can count the number of scones Newt is about to have as a midnight snack – he sets down the plate and Newt reaches for it in the dark, whispering “Thank you.”

“The pleasure is mine, pal,” he says, slipping into his own bed, and Jacob goes to sleep with nothing but ingredients on his mind and a new recipe for tomorrow.

Re: Newt/Jacob - weight gain 1/1

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Re: Newt/Jacob - weight gain 1/1

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Re: Newt/Jacob - weight gain 1/1

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Re: Newt/Jacob - weight gain 1/1

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Newt/Balem Abrasax

(Anonymous) 2016-11-23 12:49 am (UTC)(link)
Inspired by the prompt above ^_^


(Anonymous) 2016-11-23 04:43 am (UTC)(link)
Jacob and Newt raise the baby occamies together and later on Newt starts referring to himself as "mum" and Jacob as "dad". Jacob realizes he's accidentally settled down and started a family with Newt, and is surprisingly okay with that.
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Fill: Children, Behave; Jacob/Newt

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[Because Mod said "Fuck it", I shall stay un-anoned]

Newt passes the the Occamy eggs over to Jacob who carefully deposits them in his coat pockets. "Can you pass me the Mooncalf pellets?" Jacob asks, shouldering the pack filled with feed. Newt does it wordlessly and with a smile. "Thanks."

The Mooncalf crowd around him as he spreads the pellets, grinning when their big eyes and heads bop to catch them. In the distance, he hears Newt cooing over the Hippogriff they picked up back in Athens. Poor thing is still healing from the ill-treatment she received under the trafficking ring they spent the better part of three months uncovering. Finishing up the rest of his chores, he walks to Newt.

"How is she?" Jacob asks as he lowers himself into a bow. When the Hippogriff lowers herself, he goes close to pet her. Stroking his hand through her flank, he laughs when she butts her head against him. Jacob waits for Newt to speak only to look over and see Newt cradling Dougal.

"It's all right, it's all right." He says, eyes soft and half-lidded as he soothes the Demiguise. "Mummy and Daddy are here, and we won't let anything happen to you."

Jacob startles at that. Daddy? He knows Newt calls himself Mum when he is talking to the creatures, but...

Newt's eyes are impossibly Mooncalf wide when he looks up at him. Jacob sees him swallow, and thinks, 'Ah.' Newt had probably incorporated him into the fabric of his normal, making a space for Jacob in this wild and special reality of his without even realising that he had done so.

Jacob goes over, reaching out for Dougal. When Dougal climbs over and wraps its' arms around his shoulders, he smiles. "Daddy's here." He says. Newt blinks at his words. Cheeks turning a ruddy red.

Looking around him, he takes in the menagerie; of how with the new knowledge that he is a part of this, of how he is now responsible for this, that he wants to be here. Jacob allows that warm feeling of contentment and assuredness sink and shroud him. "Yeah," He sighs, holding out a free hand to Newt who is watching him with measured carefulness, "Mummy and Daddy are both here."

He holds his breath. Releasing it only when Newt slips his weather worn hand into his.

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Re: Fill: Children, Behave; Jacob/Newt

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Re: Fill: Children, Behave; Jacob/Newt

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AO3 Link

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Re: Fill: Children, Behave; Jacob/Newt

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Re: Fill: Children, Behave; Jacob/Newt

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Credence & Harry

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Harry is Credence reincarnated. Credence could be a separate personality in him that he talks to or Harry has dreams/flashbacks.

+does this mean Harry is born with an Obscurus or does he eventually develop one?
+what does this mean about Harry being a Horcrux as well?

Re: Credence & Harry

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me: what a fantastic prompt. Too bad I'm terrible at finishing things and don't have a lot of spare time. I really hope someone will come and fill this.

my muse: you're filling this.

me:...fuck me.

(So basically I've started on this but don't be over surprised if it's not posted for a while.)

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Newt/Credence, protection and h/c

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Something inspired by this fanart ( Basically protection and h/c, but Newt is the one hurt and Credence doing the protecting/comforting. Bonus points if Newt still has to coax Credence into showing himself, and if it especially bothers him that Credence doesn't hesitate to kill people to protect him, but does his best to hide it for his sake.

Re: Newt/Credence, protection and h/c

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Love the art and the prompt!

Fill: Devoted; Newt/Credence

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Re: Fill: Devoted; Newt/Credence

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Re: Fill: Devoted; Newt/Credence

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Re: Fill: Devoted; Newt/Credence

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Re: Fill: Devoted; Newt/Credence

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Re: Fill: Devoted; Newt/Credence

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Graves!Grindelwald/real!Graves - post-transformation noncon.

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Take this into any fucked up direction you want.

Re: Graves!Grindelwald/real!Graves - post-transformation noncon.

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one ticket directly to the special hell, please, because this is a great prompt


Newt/Gnarlak - blackmail, dubcon

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Instead of a bowtruckle, Gnarlak asks for a sexual favor from Newt (what it is is up to you) in exchange for information. Bonus if Newt actually considers it a bargain since at least he doesn't have to give away any of his animals.

Re: Newt/Gnarlak - blackmail, dubcon

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I'd kill for this

Re: Newt/Gnarlak - blackmail, dubcon

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Fill 1/? - Newt/Gnarlak - blackmail, dubcon

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Re: Fill 1/? - Newt/Gnarlak - blackmail, dubcon

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Let's get this meme kinky. Bestiality!

Re: Newt/Beast(s)

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+2 I expected this to be prompted sooner tbh. This is exactly what this kinkmeme was made for.

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Re: Newt/Beast(s)

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Newt/Credence - first time.

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Credence has happy 100% consensual sex for the first time with Newt. And even though it's good, he can't forget the trauma from Graves/Grindelwald.

Re: Newt/Credence - first time.

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Do you have a preference as to who tops?

Re: Newt/Credence - first time.

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Re: Newt/Credence - first time.

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Re: Newt/Credence - first time. FILL

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Re: Newt/Credence - first time. FILL

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Re: Newt/Credence - first time. FILL

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Re: Newt/Credence - first time. FILL

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Re: Newt/Credence - first time. FILL

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Grindelwald!Graves/Credence - dubcon

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Credence can't say no to Mr. Graves. He doesn't even know if he wants to.

Credence - Religious guilt, masturbation

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Credence can't control how his body reacts at the thought of Graves but he keeps hearing his mother's voice inside his head telling him how wrong that is.

Re: Credence - Religious guilt, masturbation

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FILLED (mostly)

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Re: FILLED (mostly)

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Re: FILLED (mostly)

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Real!Graves/Newt - Graves is good with animals

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Newt finally ends up meeting the real!Graves, for whatever reason, and to his surprise the real Graves is warm, friendly and knows a lot about animals. Newt is smitten.

Re: Real!Graves/Newt - Graves is good with animals

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Re: Real!Graves/Newt - Graves is good with animals

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Re: Real!Graves/Newt - Graves is good with animals

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Newt gets caught by a tentacle monster on an expedition, because it wouldn't be a kinkmeme without one.

Up to you on whether it's consensualish, with Newt going through with it in order to learn more about the creature and study it, or nonconny as all hell.

Re: Newt/Tentacles

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Re: Newt/Tentacles

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Re: Newt/Tentacles

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Re: Newt/Tentacles

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Real!Graves/Tina, pre-film BJ/HJ

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Tina's devastated by her demotion, she refuses to accept it. Picquery won't budge on it, but she knows someone who will.
With a little persuasion.

Re: Real!Graves/Tina, pre-film BJ/HJ

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I really like this!


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Re: Fill

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Re: Fill

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Re: Fill

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Re: Fill

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Re: Fill

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Re: Fill

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Re: Fill

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Autistic!Newt, gen, how to deal with stim

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So Newt really reads as autistic to me and I wanted to see a oneshot about how he deals with stimulation overload. What he does is really up to you.

Re: Autistic!Newt, gen, how to deal with stim

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I really like this, I would love to take it on.

Fill: Feathers [gen]

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Re: Fill: Feathers [gen]

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Re: Fill: Feathers [gen]

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Re: Fill: Feathers [gen]

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Re: Fill: Feathers [gen]

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ObscurusCredence protecting Newt

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that's it that's the prompt. maybe someone threatens newt and credence lashes out at whoever's endangering him?

Fill: Over Protective

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Filled here:

Re: ObscurusCredence protecting Newt

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Re: ObscurusCredence protecting Newt

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Re: ObscurusCredence protecting Newt

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Queenie/Jacob, eloping

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Since intermarriage is illegal in America, they run off to another country to get hitched. Could be fluffy or smutty!

Re: Queenie/Jacob, eloping

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Awwww please yes

Fill: A New Life

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Re: Fill: A New Life

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Re: Fill: A New Life

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Re: Fill: A New Life

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Re: Fill: A New Life

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Grindelwald+Dumbledore, epilogue for the movie

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Dumbledore finds out Grindelwald was arrested in the US, and he goes to visit him.

Re: Grindelwald+Dumbledore, epilogue for the movie

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Yesssss. DO WANT

Re: Grindelwald+Dumbledore, epilogue for the movie

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Newt gets a rude welcome in NY (TW gangbang, non-con)

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So Newt doesn't realize how bad the muggle-wizard tensions are in New York. After getting off the boat he ends up in the bad side of town. The assailants can be muggles no maj's who figure out he's a wizard, or wizards angry that he's a muggle sympathizer, or maybe some guys who just want a piece of that british ass, smut is smut and i'm not picky ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Re: Newt gets a rude welcome in NY (TW gangbang, non-con)

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Credence/Graves, ABO AU

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This ship just screams alpha-beta-omega AU. Please, dear anons.
Clarification - I vastly prefer original Graves, rather than Grindelwald. Grindelwald was either never part of the plot, or the original Graves is rescued and the whole story commences. Thank you.

Re: Credence/Graves, ABO AU

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I other level agree and need this.

Re: Credence/Graves, ABO AU

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Re: Credence/Graves, ABO AU somewhat fill

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