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Prompt Post #2


Seeing as we've reached 4,000 comments in Round 1, it's time to make a new one. Same (lack of) rules apply. Gentle reminder to everyone to refrain from posting extremely long prompts, though. While no word limit will be imposed, take note that it is very unlikely for someone to fulfill your prompt if your prompt alone is already several paragraphs long and containing a number of specifications.

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Bad Dom, Good Dom - Grindel/Credence, Graves/Credence

(Anonymous) 2017-02-02 06:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Grindelwald is Credence's first dom - trained him to think that being a sub means he has to do ANYTHING his dom wants whenever his dom wants it 24/7, using his safeword is bad & punishable, aftercare-haha-what-aftercare, etc. Grindel gets bored of Credence after a while and dumps him.

Credence desperately throws himself at other doms even though he expects the same treatment - subbing is something he needs. Eventually Percival scoops him up and teaches him what a good dom is: someone who gives the sub what he needs and gives him care and respect as well as domination. Someone who spanks his bottom red, ties him up and pounds his brains out, then aftercares the heck out of him. Someone who puts him on his knees or on his back to use his mouth, but actually stops when Credence safesignals when the lack of air is too much (not like Grindel who would keep fucking his mouth anyway) and never makes him feel bad for safewording.

Re: Bad Dom, Good Dom - Grindel/Credence, Graves/Credence

(Anonymous) 2017-02-05 08:56 am (UTC)(link)
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFfyes, seconded as hell

Newt/Tina forced come swallowing

(Anonymous) 2017-02-02 07:45 pm (UTC)(link)
When Tina gives Newt a blowjob he holds her head in place to come in her mouth. She doesn't want to swallow so he makes her like making a dog swallow its medication: he holds her head firmly and strokes her throat repeatedly with one hand. She whimpers but can't help swallow down his come. "Good girl," he praises and prayer her head afterward.

Re: Newt/Tina forced come swallowing

(Anonymous) 2017-02-02 07:46 pm (UTC)(link)
*Pats her head, not prayer! Damn you autocorrect

Credence/Real!Graves, D/s, suit kink

(Anonymous) 2017-02-02 08:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Modern AU or canon. Reverse the 'hot Dom in slick tailoring' 50 Shades trope with sub!Graves using his collection of very, very fine tailoring like it's a layer of subtly constricting self bondage. Twinky bb!Dom Credence noticing and giving sub!Graves all the gentle assertiveness and suit enabled kink that sub!Graves didn't know he needed.

This prompt is brought to you in connection with the thought of sub!Graves presenting his wrists for Dom!Credence to attach cufflinks like he's expecting Dom!Credence to snap a pair of handcuffs on instead.

Re: Credence/Real!Graves, D/s, suit kink

(Anonymous) 2017-02-02 08:53 pm (UTC)(link)
ooooh, seconding, love that reversal.

Re: Credence/Real!Graves, D/s, suit kink

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real!Graves/Newt adversaries to lovers romantic slow burn

(Anonymous) 2017-02-02 09:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Graves and Newt meet and immediately dislike each other profusely. For some reason, however, they are forced to spend a lot of time together which leads to them fucking because they're lonely and horny and the attraction is there even if they'd rather it weren't. As it goes on, they slowly begin to start change their minds about the other. Cue mutual silent pining when they both think their feelings are unrequited and finally love confessions and a happy end :)

Fluffy/agsty, established Graves/Newt, De-aging, Non-con/pedophilia, Theseus is a monster

(Anonymous) 2017-02-03 05:05 am (UTC)(link)
This is based on a prompt I saw about this happening to Graves.
Newt gets hit with a curse that de-ages him to how old he was when he first had sex. He gets turned into a nine-year-old, and Graves is horrified. Newt is stuck in the body and mind of his nine-year-old self and thus reveals far more than he normally would have. Eventually Graves gets the ful story and finds out Theseus abused Newt throughout his childhood. Newt is turned back into an adult eventually, and even more angst ensues.

+ Newt's parents were always so distant that they never realized it was happening (or maybe they just didn't care).
++ Newt still doesn't like being touched to this day, even with Graves.
+++ Kid Newt thought it was perfectly ok cause Theseus was his brother and he loved him, and brothers were supposed to love each other.
+++++ Sometime between nine years old and present day, Newt realized he didn't want this to happen and tried to stop, only for the experience to escalate from pedophilia into full-on, traumatizing, against his will, noncon. Now Newt is terrified of his brother and tries to avoid even being in the same country as him.

Please don't describe said noncon graphically, but I really, really want to see the devastation it all wreaks on Newt's psyche and Graves' reaction to all of this.

Credence/Real Graves; terrifying eldritch protector

(Anonymous) 2017-02-03 05:49 am (UTC)(link)
Grindlewald decided to get really inventive with breaking Graves, throwing him into some sort of awful terrifying survival horror pocket dimension.
the only thing that chases the nightmares away is the knowledge that something even more terrifying is utterly devoted to him.

Re: Credence/Real Graves; terrifying eldritch protector

(Anonymous) 2017-02-04 01:18 am (UTC)(link)

Graves/Newt, omega!Newt, courting,

(Anonymous) 2017-02-03 08:14 am (UTC)(link)
So the world is made up of alphas and omegas are super rare, like there are five in the world and there like royalty.

Britain's omega is very rarely seen and known to be in hiding constantly as he's the only omega unmated still.

Newt crashes New York and everything happens, including a rescue for Percival. At the very end Newt shocks everyone by going into an unexpected heat.

Que everyone and their mother trying to court Newt, who is horrified with the attention.

This could be a gen prompt or a gramander, just some poor Newt being everyone's focus.

Re: Graves/Newt, omega!Newt, courting,

(Anonymous) 2017-02-05 08:39 am (UTC)(link)
Seconded!!!!!!! Precious!Newt is Precious :D

[Fill] 1/? Graves/Newt, omega!Newt, courting

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Re: [Fill] 1/? Graves/Newt, omega!Newt, courting

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Re: [Fill] 1/? Graves/Newt, omega!Newt, courting

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Re: [Fill] 1/? Graves/Newt, omega!Newt, courting

(Anonymous) - 2017-02-18 01:18 (UTC) - Expand

Re: [Fill] 1/? Graves/Newt, omega!Newt, courting

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Gramander, Fae!Newt, not human AU

(Anonymous) 2017-02-03 08:18 am (UTC)(link)
Newt is a fae that can walk unseen and is essentially a magical unicorn in human form. In some unexpected twist Percival Graves can see Newt and thus becomes fascinating to Newt. He takes a human form and follows Percival around, utterly unknowing about humanity and wizards but also a ball of sunshine. Like just being near Newt makes people happy and when he smiles it chases evil away and stuff. Just a happy pure unicorn trailing after a grump graves.

Real Graves/Newt: Malevolent God Percival & Sacrificial Virgin Bride Newt

(Anonymous) 2017-02-03 08:22 am (UTC)(link)
The Scamader family is in some deep trouble and make a deal with a cult to make it go away. Of course nothing is free and it costs them their youngest son. When Newt turns a proper age the cult comes for him.

Newt has no clue where or how he got there, only that he woke up and found himself tied down to a stone pillar completely naked.

Using Newt as bait, the cult leader wants to summon their ancient dark master from its slumber and use it to take over the world. But the cultist soon learn the hard way that some things should never be tempered with and that immortal beings are not easily fooled.

The cultist die savagely and brutally by the thing they worshipped.

Helpless, Newt can only cry at the sight of the thing he was being sacrificed to, however, the dark being in question is quite please with its offering… those idiot flesh bags cultist did something right for a change.

Newt watches in horror and morbid fascination as the monstrosity grows smaller and into a very human form of a man, a very handsome man.

(Thank you Lovecraft for inspiration)

Re: Real Graves/Newt: Malevolent God Percival & Sacrificial Virgin Bride Newt

(Anonymous) 2017-02-03 10:00 am (UTC)(link)
The very obvious kinkmeme trope that I didn't know I wanted until I read it.

Fill: My Heart is Full of Wildfires (1/2)

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Re: Fill: My Heart is Full of Wildfires (1/2)

(Anonymous) - 2017-03-07 13:52 (UTC) - Expand

OP: Fill: My Heart is Full of Wildfires (1/2)

(Anonymous) - 2017-03-14 06:23 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Fill: My Heart is Full of Wildfires (1/2)

(Anonymous) - 2017-03-14 20:37 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Fill: My Heart is Full of Wildfires (1/2)

(Anonymous) - 2017-03-18 19:04 (UTC) - Expand

Fill: My Heart is Full of Wildfires (2/2)

(Anonymous) - 2017-04-26 22:11 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Fill: My Heart is Full of Wildfires (2/2)

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Original Percival Graves/Newt Scamander married + unknown identity

(Anonymous) 2017-02-03 11:16 am (UTC)(link)
Imagine that Percival and Newt are attending a ball or something where they can't recognise each other, or maybe they do not know the other is attending. So they both meet this charming person and feel like they're falling in love again except that they're married? So they're really scared they're cheating on the other until their identity is revealed to each other. They have this 'are you cheating on me...with me?' moment until they realize that they will always recognize each other.

Re: Original Percival Graves/Newt Scamander married + unknown identity

(Anonymous) 2017-02-05 04:04 am (UTC)(link)
do they like pina coladas? and getting caught in the rain? :D Seconded!

Grindelwald & Dumbledore have relations by proxy [Newt], non-con, questionable seduction

(Anonymous) 2017-02-03 11:54 am (UTC)(link)
Grindelwald falsely believes Dumbledore and Newt are or were lovers. Partly out of jealousy, but mostly out of a desire to fuck Albus by proxy, he rapes Newt sometime during or right after movie events.

Newt goes back to England and meets Dumbledore again. Dumbledore finds out somehow about the rape and he seduces an emotionally compromised Newt so that he can make love to Gellert by proxy. He knows it's so very wrong and twisted, but he wants it so much he finds any way of justifying it at the time.

Bonus points for conflicted characters!
-Grindelwald knows it not the same and it makes him angry, which he takes out on Newt, but, not being a total sadistic sociopath, he feels some bit guilt somewhere in his mind...
-Dumbledore, the morning after, realizing the magnitude of what he's done (and to a former student -- you know, someone who looks up to him)...

Original!Graves/Tina, D/s, instead of cards

(Anonymous) 2017-02-03 03:31 pm (UTC)(link)
Only 11 days till Valentine’s Day, so have a kinky Valentine’s prompt:

After the events of the movie Tina was reinstated as an Auror. During her investigation into Graves’ disappearance she learns a few things about the stern Director of Magical Security that make her blush at first, but the more she thinks about it, the more she realizes that his kinks turn her on.

When Graves is found she buries her thoughts deep down, determined to never let him know that she knows his secrets. However, over time she realises that for someone who likes to be in control as much as Graves does, it must have been hard to be subjected to Grindelwald’s whims. So when everyone else is buying Valentine’s Day cards in February, Tina decides to give Graves something else instead.

On Valentine’s Day she shows up at his door dressed in only her coat and with a bow tied around her neck. The attached tag reads “Property of Mr. Graves”.

So, basically I want to see Graves dominating the shit out of Tina.

- Tina has never done this before.
- Graves hesitates to accept her offer.
- Bondage
- Orgasm denial

Re: Original!Graves/Tina, D/s, instead of cards

(Anonymous) 2017-02-04 11:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Really hoping someone writes this! Orgasm denial, unf.

Real!Graves/Newt - Graves is in the suitcase all along

(Anonymous) 2017-02-03 04:02 pm (UTC)(link)
So the reason why Newt knows that Graves is Grindelwald in disguise is because he actually has the real Graves in his suitcase all along. Newt accidentally came across him during his journey into some remote, uninhabited corner of the earth. This Graves had been obliviated and Newt took him in the way he took in stranded, wounded animals. Graves is pretty powerful as far as magic goes, but without his memory he doesn't exactly have anywhere to go. He stays, helping Newt in his research etc, until Newt comes to New York. Up to the filler whether they're already in a relationship when the events in the movie happen :D

Graves/Newt, Cold shoulder

(Anonymous) 2017-02-03 04:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Percival only realises he actually likes Newt and their friendship when he doesn't have his attention anymore.

Maybe Newt as MACUSA's consultant interfered with a case and Graves snapped at him (even though Newt was in the right) or any other reason that might cause him to call the awkward young man annoying. The result is Newt giving him the cold shoulder and avoiding him at all costs because he has had enough verbal abuse in the past, he doesn't want to be hurt anymore.

Now that Percival starts missing Newt, he has to work hard to gain his trust again and maybe more.

+ 1 Graves' aurors are protective of both their boss AND Newt but in this case they side with their adorable magizoologist.
+ 2 Graves is lucky that Theseus only finds out after he and Newt have reconciled.

Newt/Percival 5+1 getting together fic

(Anonymous) 2017-02-03 10:05 pm (UTC)(link)
5 times one of them went out on a date with someone else and the other didn't understand why he felt so out of sorts about it and one time they finally went out together.

past Grindel!Graves/Credence, real!Graves gen or Graves/Newt

(Anonymous) 2017-02-03 10:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Having been rescued, Graves needs to take stock of all the things in his life Grindelwald fucked up. Learning that Grindelwald used his body to manipulate someone so young as Credence into sex and a parody of a relationship is one of the hardest things for Graves to come to terms with.

Percival/Newt, mpreg, had a child, Newt in danger

(Anonymous) 2017-02-03 10:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Percival and Newt had a fling years ago and broke off due to some miscommunication, Percival never got over it but accepted Newt had and was gone.

Suddenly there is a little girl on Percival's doorstep clutching a magical creature and a sealed note.

Turns out Newt is one of the rare wizards that can have children and he had Percival's daughter. Afraid Percival would marry him because he felt he had to rather than wanting Newt never told him. But if he's receiving this letter something has happened and their daughter needs protection.

Que Percival being a very shocked and awkward parent while trying to locate Newt and rescue him.

Just give me these two has parents and getting back together.

Re: Percival/Newt, mpreg, had a child, Newt in danger

(Anonymous) 2017-02-03 10:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Seconded with the fire of a thousand suns!

Re: Percival/Newt, mpreg, had a child, Newt in danger

(Anonymous) - 2017-02-04 10:50 (UTC) - Expand

Gramander, lactation, mummy kink

(Anonymous) 2017-02-03 10:24 pm (UTC)(link)
So we know Newt would to anything for his beasts, say he finds a orphan that needs to nurse and refuses the bottle and other means. In desperation, Newt spells his own body to lactate and the beast is happy to eat that way.

Percival, can be established relationship or not, finds out and he's surprised how intensely turned on he is by it. While having sex he licks Newts nipples and calls him 'mummy', they both get off hard on it.

Re: Gramander, lactation, mummy kink

(Anonymous) 2017-02-03 11:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Seconded! Newt would do anything for his beasties

Re: Gramander, lactation, mummy kink

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Graves/Newt or Graves/Theseus fingerbanging

(Anonymous) 2017-02-03 10:25 pm (UTC)(link)
Graves fucks one of the Scamander brothers open with his fingers, makes him come untouched and completely fall apart, and then slides into his pliant, unresting body and makes him come again, with his cock this time.

MACUSA, gen? office baby

(Anonymous) 2017-02-04 02:09 am (UTC)(link)
Someone brings a baby to the office. Is it their baby? Is it an orphan whose parents were the victims of dark wizards and the Aurors are babysitting until a placement is found? Did it get dropped off with a note, surprising the hell out of someone who didn't realize they were a father? I care not. All I want is Picquery, Graves, Tina, etc., dealing with this baby situation.

If you want to write something shippy I am totally down with that (and am partial to Goldgraves), but it's totally up to you.

Re: MACUSA, gen? office baby

(Anonymous) 2017-02-04 02:33 am (UTC)(link)
Hey OP, Do you mind if there's a couple of little kids as well as a baby?

Re: MACUSA, gen? office baby

(Anonymous) - 2017-02-04 02:37 (UTC) - Expand

Re: MACUSA, gen? office baby

(Anonymous) - 2017-02-04 02:49 (UTC) - Expand

Re: MACUSA, gen? office baby

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Re: MACUSA, gen? office baby

(Anonymous) - 2017-02-04 09:33 (UTC) - Expand

MINIFILL: Office Baby

(Anonymous) - 2017-02-04 09:46 (UTC) - Expand

Re: MINIFILL: Office Baby

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Gramander, secretive relationship, cute, humor

(Anonymous) 2017-02-04 07:34 am (UTC)(link)
So Graves is a private man and even his closest coworkers know little about him. Over the years they've learned his married and later on his wife is actually a man. Everyone imagines some just like him.

Meanwhile the aurors have spent years chasing a little shit named Newt. He breaks laws with a smile, has all sorts of illegal creatures, hangs out with NoMajs, every minor law there is he's broken but he always gets away.

Well he's finally been caught and they bring him in cuffed just as Graves is heading out. Que confusion and horror when everyone discovers their happily married.

Fill: Mr. Graves

(Anonymous) 2017-06-10 12:24 am (UTC)(link)
Evelyn Weiss was a hardworking auror. She wasn't the smartest, and while she was a descendant of the original twelve, her family had none of the reputation that her boss's did. But she didn't mind. She wanted to help people. She worked hard to keep American wizards safe.

She regretted the fact she hadn't worked out what had happened to Percival Graves. A few years back, he had been kidnapped by Grindelwald, and it had not been discovered for several weeks - until Graves himself had fought his way out. He was a private man, with no close friends. It had been almost a year later that she had learned he was married. It had taken another seven months before she had heard Percival mention his husband. She'd been a little surprised, but she accepted it. It made sense - Percival's husband was, according to rumour, British.

She assumed he had found himself a British auror, that they had found each other in the war and stuck together ever since. Director Graves had often worked for long hours. But his husband probably worked just as hard. She daydreamed about the man sometimes, wondering what he would be like. If he made the Director smile. She was curious about the kind of man that could have won her boss's heart. Serious and sensible, but maybe as good with junior aurors and victims as Director Graves always was.

The Director walked past her desk, floating about a dozen cups of coffee ahead of him. He flicked them out to the aurors as he passed them. He nodded, pausing beside her desk.
"Don't work too hard Weiss."
"No sir."

She nodded at him smartly, her attention returning to the files that were spread out before her. The reports were focused on a man that had been a frustration for MACUSA for almost three years now - Newt.

Newt was a lawbreaker, who seemed to have chaos follow in his wake. If there was any rumour about creatures being stolen or traded, you could guarantee that Newt would be at the bottom of it. The man carried highly illegal monsters with him at all times, and he fraternised with No-Majs. But he was careful. He sometimes helped MACUSA break up smuggling rings. He was never linked to any injuries - his enemies might find themselves tied up and dumped outside MACUSA's door, but they would be uninjured.

Weiss had only seen Newt twice - once it had only been a quick glimpse of red hair as he apparated away - leaving behind a pile of creature parts but no living beasts. The second time, she had been badly injured. A hex sent by a smuggler had sliced her leg deeply, and blood was pooling on the ground. Newt had crouched beside her, spoken to her gently, and tried to heal the wound. He had vanished only as support arrived. That was something that haunted her - she had tried to arrest him, and he had chosen to save her.

It didn't stop her pursuing him. From that day on, she was even more determined that she would manage to bring Newt in. She didn't want him punished severely, not after everything he had done. But he needed to spend some time in MACUSA's cells, to get a strong reminder of what the laws were and what he was expected to do.

Eventually, knowing her investigation was going nowhere, she headed home to her wife and daughter, flopping down on the bed and cuddling up besides Sam. The healer stretched out in the bed, twisting to kiss her and snuggle her sleepily.


It was luck, more than anything, that enabled her to capture Newt. He was in the Blind Pig, deep in conversation with Gnarlack, when she walked in. He didn't see her approach, so that time he didn't get a chance to apparate away. She cuffed him, thanked Gnarlack, and marched him back to the Woolworth building. As they went, Newt didn't fight.

"Sorry about all this." He murmured towards her. "I mean, I don't know what you're up to this evening - if you're working or whatever, or if you've got to go home, I know arrests can cause quite a lot of paperwork..." He shrugged a little. "You could always just let me go."

"You're spending the night in the cells, and in the morning our Director will deal with you," she snapped, poking him in the back with her wand. He obediently walked forwards, his head angled downwards. As she led him to the cells, the Director stepped from his office.

The Director froze, staring at Newt. Newt's ear tips turned very pink.
"Newt?" The Director asked, looking her prisoner up and down. "Do I even want to know what's happening here?"
"Probably not," Newt murmured. "I got arrested."

"What for?"
"Um..." Newt bit his lip and glanced up at Evelyn. "Miss, what was it I was arrested for this time?"
Evelyn arched an eyebrow at him.
"You were arrested for your repeated interference in MACUSA's investigations, including the stealing of vital evidence in the Scarborough case alongside a dozen others."
"That evidence was a nundu!" Newt protested. "She wouldn't have been well taken care of by MACUSA. Emily is settling well with me. The rest of you don't know how to look after her, let alone her cub-"
"Are you telling me you're holding two nundus?" Weiss asked. Newt went awkwardly silent, and the Director smirked a little, following her as she checked him in.
"One of them's only little," Newt eventually mumbled. "And the other creatures I have are harmless, even Emily won't pose a threat as long as she's not hurt. She's just defending herself, which is only reasonable really. Are you a mother ma'am?"
"My daughter cannot breathe poison."

"Nor can Emily's cub, so far. That won't happen until she's at least a year old. Anyway, if your daughter's magical she's still dangerous. Even muggles are capable of causing a lot of harm," Newt protested. Weiss raised an eyebrow at him, unable to comprehend the argument that he was making. Newt stayed quiet, looking at the paperwork and filling it in as she told him to. She couldn't help thinking that his address looked familiar, although she couldn't initially work out why. He paused when it got to the next of kin.
"Fill in your next of kin," she informed him, trying to work out what his surname was from the squiggle he had signed. The first letter could have been an S, or a G and there was definitely an a further along, an e, and it ended with what could have been an r or could have been an s. He squirmed uncomfortably, tapping the pen on the paper and then scrawling out two words.

Percival Graves.

She glanced at her boss in shock, eyes widening as he ticked the box saying "partner". It felt like her world was collapsing around her, and the Director coughed a little awkwardly before turning his attention towards her.


Percival stared at Newt, trying to convey without speaking exactly how much trouble Newt was in.
"Thank you for your assistance Auror Weiss," he said to the young woman. "You should go home to your wife now. I'll deal with my husband."
She looked a little unsure, and he smiled at her.
"You can accompany me to the cells, where I will be leaving Newton for tonight. In the morning we can discuss waht has happened. I would like to hear from you what has been happening, and perhaps together we can work out what to do to prevent this from happening."

Newt stared at Percival in shock, his mouth opening and closing like a kappa out of water.
"Yes sir. Um. If you're sure that is..." Weiss asked, clearly torn between her senses of justice and loyalty.
"I'm certain. He needs to learn his lesson. I can't have him risking his life - it could lead to one of my aurors getting hurt, or himself getting harmed..." He sighed, gripping Newt's arm and marching him down to the cells. "Newt, this was stupid. You could get hurt. What do I tell our children if you are found torn to pieces by smugglers or injured by my aurors - no. Don't you dare answer that. You need to think about what you have done." Weiss followed, watching as he shoved Newt into the cell and walking away.
"You have children sir?"
"Two daughters and a son,” Percival explained. "We saved them from a No-Maj who was abusing them."

"Perce..." Newt called after him. Percival didn't respond, turning to Auror Weiss who was blushing deeply.
"Don't worry about this at all Weiss. I'm sorry he has been causing so much of a problem for you."

"It's not your fault."
"For our meeting tomorrow, please bring along any evidence that you have," he told her. "Newt isn't a bad man. He's just one drawn to causing chaos-"
"I am not. It just happens!" Newt protested. Percival walked further away.
"He just cares a lot about the creatures, and has absolutely no idea of self preservation," Percival continued. He smiled sadly. "I'll see you in the morning. Take care of yourself."
"Tomorrow morning sir." Weiss promised, before apparating away. Percival rubbed his forehead. He could feel anxiety and stress building up in his head, but he knew that he couldn't let himself worry. He would have to care for the creatures in the case as Newt was going to be spending the night alone.

He made his way home, opening the door and stepping through the wards.
"Daddy!" There was a squeal as Modesty raced forwards, throwing her arms around his waist. He spun the little girl through the air for a moment, pressing a kiss to her forehead. From the kitchen, Chastity called out.
"Mom hasn't come home yet."

"I know," Percival answered, and Chastity stuck her head around the kitchen door. Her hair was braided and wrapped around her head like a crown, and the apron she was wearing was dusted thickly with flour. She was the middle child of the three that Newt and Percival had adopted - and unlike her obscurial older brother and witch younger sister, she was a squib. Both Percival and Newt worked hard to make sure that she never felt that there was anything broken or wrong with her, that she was somehow inferior to her siblings. Normally, she was a bright and smiling young woman, but today she looked a little stressed.

"Is Mom okay? He said he had a meeting..." Her voice trailed off nervously.
"He's fine," Percival promised, lifting Modesty up on his hip. "He's just not here this evening. He'll be home tomorrow. Now, where's your brother?"

"He burned dinner," Modesty said with a bright smile.
Chastity pointed up to the ceiling, where a dark mass was sulking in the corner of the room.
"Hey Credence," Percival called out. Newt was good at calming Credence down and getting him to be a person, but the black mass ignored Percival.

"Don't worry about dinner," Percival told him. "But it smells good."
"I made more," Chastity informed him.
"Thank you Chas, is food ready?"
"It is," Chastity answered. "Modesty did a heating charm on it. So it can wait until Mom comes home."

"Newt isn't coming home this evening," Percival said softly. "So I'm going to go and check on all the creatures, and then we can eat."
"I don't want to eat without mommy," Modesty whispered, squirming down from his hip and crossing over to Chastity. Percival pressed his lips together.

"He wouldn't want you to not eat." He told her. She looked down, pressing her face into Chastity's side. Chastity stroked her hair soothingly and shushed her gently.
"I'll check on the creatures," Percival said. "Credence, don't worry about overcooking dinner."

The dark shadow squirmed in on itself.
"He thinks it's his fault mommy didn't come home today," Modesty translated
"It isn't his fault." Percival said firmly. "Newt is perfectly safe. He doesn't need to worry."

He climbed down into the case. As he reached the bottom of the ladder, he found Dougal sitting there, staring up at him with wide brown eyes. The ape crossed his arms, and then turned invisible. Percival tried to ignore that as he continued around the case, but he was fairly sure Dougal was following him, staring at him with those dark eyes.

The creatures were normally happy to see him, and enthusiastic, even overly friendly. Today, they seemed more distant. Emily bared her teeth as he walked past her enclosure, and even the niffler ignored him. He held out a sparkling silver coin, and the niffler reached towards it, then put its arms down. Percival ran his fingers through his hair and sighed softly.

It would all be alright. Newt would be fine, and in the morning he'd be able to release him from the cells and the creatures would forgive him.

Once everyone was fed, watered, and mucked out, he clambered back up into the house. He found one dish of food and a glass of wine waiting at the table.
"Chas? Modesty?"
"It's alright Father," Chastity said. "We can wait for Newt to come home in the morning."

"He'd want you to eat," Percival insisted, dishing up three other plates with a wave of his wand, leaving Newt's portion under the heating charm Modesty had cast. The two girls sat in their places and a prayer was murmured by Chastity before they began to eat.

About halfway through the meal, Credence slithered down from the ceiling, reforming into a human and making his way across to his own seat. They ate in silence, and Percival felt almost sick. He embraced each of them before they went bed.

Once the children were in bed, he wondered whether he should go and rescue Newt. His own bed felt too empty without his husband there, and he knew that Newt honestly didn't mean to cause chaos. But at the same time, as things were going one day he would lose Newt to some stupid mistake. This would be for the best. Newt would be fine. He was alone in a cell, in the heart of MACUSA. He was probably in the safest place imaginable. That thought was enough to soothe some of his worry. Newt needed to learn, and it was better to suffer a night without him now than face the rest of his life without him soon.

He didn't sleep that night.

In the morning he cooked breakfast for the children, and then apparated into work early. He couldn't face waiting any longer.

Auror Weiss was already in his office, holding a pile of paperwork.
"Good morning sir."
"Weiss," He greeted her politely. "Thank you again for your assistance last night."
"It’s alright sir."
"If that's alright with you, I'll get him from the cells and we can discuss it."
"Of course," She looked up at him. "I'm sorry. I didn't know."
"He needed to realise how stupid he's being. I approve," He reassured her. "If you can wait here?"

She nodded her permission, and he made his way down to the cells.

Newt was sat resting against the bars, but as he saw Percival he bounced to his feet.
"Hello trouble," Percival reached out towards him. "You caused me quite the headache. And I think that your creatures aren't talking to me." He unlocked the door, and Newt rushed out, wrapping his arms around him. Percival rubbed his back.

"I don't want to lose you," Percival whispered. "Please, I need you to be more careful."
Newt looked up at him.
"I try." He sighed. "I'll try to be more careful, but..." His voice shook a little. Percival sighed. He knew that Newt was drawn to trouble, that it was who he was and that nothing could change that.

Percival nodded.
"As long as you try, I'll be okay. Now, Auror Weiss is going to tell me exactly what you've been up to, and we are going to work out a way of keeping you out of more trouble." He looked at Newt, saw the slight pain and fear in his eyes. He leaned in and kissed him softly.

Newt smiled up at him and squeezed his hands.

"You need to talk to the girls about everything." Percival told him. "Credence too. They need their mom."
Newt nodded and smiled up at him.

Moonrise Kingdom AU - Credence/Graves

(Anonymous) 2017-02-04 08:03 am (UTC)(link)
Credence is a lonely orphaned scout who has been bullied/abused and runs away from camp.

Graves is the police chief who saves him and becomes his legal guardian.

Maybe Tina as Scoutmaster Goldstein?

Re: Moonrise Kingdom AU - Credence/Graves

(Anonymous) 2017-03-29 04:00 am (UTC)(link)
(But what about Suzy????)

Otherwise, moonrise kingdom au yes please.

Re: Moonrise Kingdom AU - Credence/Graves

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Re: Moonrise Kingdom AU - Credence/Graves

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Original Graves/Credence; Established Relationship, Waking Up

(Anonymous) 2017-02-04 05:54 pm (UTC)(link)
This gifset came across my dash just now, for some visual inspiration (

Just utter fluff and tenderness

Graves/Newt, riding, showing off

(Anonymous) 2017-02-04 06:29 pm (UTC)(link)
I rather like the idea that, if he’s actually motivated to, Newt can really put on a show. I also really rather like the idea of Newt riding the everloving fuck out of Graves. So! Perhaps Newt fingers himself open for Graves to watch then has Graves sit back so that Newt can sink down and ride his cock until they’re both desperate to come. Graves is, of course, an enthusiastic participant, but it’s more about Newt showing off a bit for him

Bonuses? Bonuses, yes:
-Newt is very vocal about whatever pleasure he’s receiving, either with nonsensical and loud noises or by babbling and swearing a lot
-Hands-free at some point? Newt lifts his arms away and Graves gets to watch Newt’s thighs and core muscles work as Newt rides him

Theseus/Newt; incest, slight jealousy

(Anonymous) 2017-02-04 07:01 pm (UTC)(link)
Sometime probably after the war but definitely before Newt begins to travel, Newt and Theseus start having sex. It starts off more as Theseus showing Newt a few things, endeared and turned on by Newt’s lack of experience, and Newt is always eager to learn and reciprocate. Then it starts to happen a little more regularly, though not within the confines of an exclusive relationship, and Theseus is always the one to take charge- which Newt is perfectly fine with.

Except then Newt fucks off to do research for his book. Which Theseus is perfectly fine with. Really.

When Newt finally returns to England, he and Theseus get together for the first time in more than a year. Theseus fully expects a similar routine to before Newt left, and is very surprised when Newt takes charge and happily shows Theseus all the wonderful, dirty little things he picked up around the world. It’s certainly not an unwelcome turn of events and they both enjoy themselves, but Theseus finds he’s just a little bit jealous that someone touched/pleasured/fucked his little brother… and it wasn’t him. Maybe a little more than a little jealous.

(really looking for something with a generally light tone and would still prefer bottom!Newt, even if he’s leading the show)